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Cavuto Suggests A Ratings Downgrade Would Be Good For The U.S. - Like An Addict Hitting Bottom

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 1, 2011 -

By Brian and Ellen

On Fox’s Budget Brawl special on Saturday (7/30/11), Neil Cavuto compared government spending to being addicted to drugs and alcohol. He "asked" Don Imus, "You've been very, very open, very honest talking about your previous addictions from drugs to alcohol, and I kind of have likened what's going on here in Washington in a similar way to the addiction to spend and never get over it, and one of the things I offered a couple of days ago - and I want to get your reaction to it - is that Washington needs a wake-up call, and if it's a downgrade that does it, as cruel as it sounds, it’s a wake-up call, the equivalent of doing that to an addict. What do you make of that?"

Imus was in his New Mexico cowboy/everyman mode. He sneered, “Everybody I talk to, on the ranch here, people up from Albuquerque and the crew, the only people following this are people sittin’ at home wearing their Pinheads and Patriots tee shirt, mouthbreathers, heatin’ up macaroni in the microwave and waitin’ for you to tell ‘em what’s going on.”

That’s right, “regular guy” Imus, the multimillionaire broadcaster, has his finger on the pulse of the people from his 14,000 sq. foot hacienda, aka The Cowboy Taj Mahal, for a kids’ charity that costs $26,000 a child for the privilege of spending a week at his ranch – 10 times what other, similar charities cost.

Regular Guy Imus said, “Nobody takes this seriously, other than you and that dope (Fox Business’ Stuart) Varney and a few other people, come on! Wake up! We’re out here in the real world.”

Cavuto wasn’t buying it. “You are no more in the real world than the man on the moon!” he said.

But after Imus established he was in a Ford pickup, not a limo, he said, "Why do we have to use unfortunate events of my past when maybe I did a couple of lines of cocaine, had a little vodka?"

"I'm using you as an example of someone down and out and on the ground soaring like a Phoenix," Cavuto said.

"We need to send the country to rehab," Imus agreed.

"Rehab might be a downgrade in our rating because we don't deserve it now." Cavuto added that if we "take another pass, it’s sort of like giving another hit to a junkie… I’m saying, you haven't helped the junkie."

Video via Mediaite:

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