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Bill O'Reilly Says Drunken Women Shouldn't Get Free Birth Control

Reported by Priscilla - July 31, 2011 -

Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow has no problem psychoanalyzing what he perceives to be Bill Maher's sexism and misogyny directed towards conservative women. So in the spirit of "fair & balanced," the good Dr. should use his diagnostic tools to do a little work up on his fellow Fox employee, whose first name is also Bill and who makes sexist and misogynistic comments about those women he deems anathema to his "traditionalist" world view. When Bill Maher mocked Bristol Palin for her admission that she became pregnant as a result of inebriation, Dr. Ablow provided us with a not very flattering psych evaluation of Maher whose comment was seen, by Ablow, as reflecting a hatred of women. But Bill O'Reilly's last comment about why birth control should not be free was way worse than what Maher said. It went beyond the Christian conservative argument about paying for girls gone wild to party. It made Prada wearing Dana Perino's comment about how if women can afford to buy shoes, they don't deserve free birth control look mild by comparison. It was, I believe, a new low for the kind of "slut shaming" that Bill has engaged in. He wasn't joking when he said that "the government shouldn't pay for birth control because "many women who get pregnant are blasted out of their minds when they have sex." Sounds like Mr. No Spin has some - ah - issues here? What say you Dr. Ablow? But beyond the possible personality disorders at play here is the question of whether Bill's wife was "blasted" when she got pregnant.

Dr. Ablow certainly has the professional chops to tell us all about what makes Bill O'Reilly tick. Perhaps Dr. Ablow could examine why O'Reilly attacked Jennifer Aniston for her support of single motherhood and why O'Reilly sent his stalker/producer to follow a female journalist, whilst she was on vacation, in order to embarrass her about comments she had made about him. (Narcissism at play here, Dr.?) Perhaps Dr. Ablow could shed some light on why O'Reilly tried to shame women who utilized the abortion services of Dr. George Tiller when they were having "bad hair days" (Despite O'Reilly contention that if you do bad thinks you can't be a Christian, Tiller was murdered by a Christian terrorist.) In keeping with his reference to Bill Maher's parental issues, Dr. Ablow might be able to connect O'Reilly's self-diagnosed "sociopathy" to an abusive father. Hopefully some attention would be given to O'Reilly's strange fixation with Miley Cyrus' attire and behavior as that could provide insight into what could be some serious sexual adjustment issues. (And while Bill Maher was sued by his ex-girlfriend for breach of promise, O'Reilly was sued for sexual harassment...) Ablow could tell us about why O'Reilly thinks that lesbian gangs are taking over America. Ablow might be able to delve into why O'Reilly is threatened by today's independent women as evidenced by O'Reilly's comment about how women should stay home and have babies. But this thing about "many" pregnancies resulting from drunken sex and that's why he doesn't want to pay for free birth control - WTF???

Hmmm, I don't want to engage in a virtual diagnosis but I just can't help thinking that O'Reilly's non scientific analysis of sex might have some roots in a - uh - personal experience. I do feel sorry for his wife. In her case, alcohol might be the only way to go. I would have to be comatose. Of course Bill might actually enjoy that... Anyway, paging Dr. Ablow, paging Dr. Ablow!


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