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Donald Trump Helps Cavuto Blame Obama, Not The Tea Party Or GOP For The Stock Market Drop

Reported by Guest Blogger - July 30, 2011 -

By Brian

On yesterday’s Your World, Donald Trump joined Neil Cavuto to spin the stock market drop as President Obama’s fault, not the fault of Republican obstructionism over the debt ceiling negotiations. Cavuto told us right at the beginning, “Much of (the drop) has been spurred by weaker than expected economic news… as close to recessionary as you can possibly get and it worries Donald Trump a great deal.”

“We could be going into a double dip,” Cavuto prompted speculated as a discussion opener.

Trump didn’t seem to need any help. "We have no leadership at the top. Obama is not leading. He's sitting back. He's not leading, he’s not doing anything, and it's really very sad.“ Cavuto nodded in agreement.

Trump continued, “One thing, the Republicans, they’re out there, they’re trying to straighten things out. They may not be getting along so well with each other, frankly, but they want the proper solution and the only solution is the big solution. At least they're trying to get the big solution."

Comment: Did the Donald see the President's address on Monday night? Did he see the President's budget for fiscal year 2012? Did he see Speaker Boehner walk out of debt talks?

When asked by Cavuto about the intransigent Tea Partiers, Trump said, "Neil, I absolutely love the Tea Partiers. They've made the people in Washington think for the first time in many years. They're doing the right thing."

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