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Hannity’s Epic Debate With Juan Williams Over The Debt Ceiling

Reported by Ellen - July 29, 2011 -

Juan Williams visited the Hannity show last night (7/28/11) for what was supposed to be a discussion about his new book. But with the debt vote stalled, the discussion naturally turned to that. When Williams puts his mind to it, he can debate Sean Hannity like nobody else. The fireworks were so intense in this one, Hannity held Williams over for a second session. Here’s Part 1.

The beginning of the discussion was full of mutual admiration – which I find pretty troubling from Williams given Hannity’s very disturbing record on race. But at about 1:45, Hannity got on his bullyboy high horse.

What I love about Williams (and regular readers know I’m no starry-eyed fan) is his ability to cut right to the heart of Hannity’s BS and challenge it without being one bit intimidated or distracted by bullyboy theatrics. Here, after a round of Hanctimonious Histrionics, Williams said, “This is wrong. This is so wrong in the way that you go after President Obama, hate, hit on President Obama constantly and it somehow escapes your attention that you’ve got a group of people who have absolutely lost touch with reality, what the financial risks they’re putting the entire country, my pension plan, your pension plan.”

That started Hannity screaming and waving his arms like a madman.

It was also somewhat gratifying to see that Hannity took notice of Jon Stewart’s evisceration of his tactics the night before (check out the GOP Special Victims Unit video). Although Hannity didn’t mention the segment specifically, he repeatedly commented how Stewart was fair to Williams despite his hatred for Fox and Hannity.

Part two coming up.

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