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Hannity v. Williams Pt. 2: Multimillionaire Hannity Pretends He’s Sharing The Debt-Ceiling Sacrifices He Wants For The Poor

Reported by Ellen - July 29, 2011 -

In Part 2 of his epic debate with Juan Williams about the debt ceiling last night (7/28/11), multi-multimillionaire Sean Hannity pretended he and his family were going to share the sacrifices he wanted to impose on the country instead of acknowledging how he'll benefit from not having any more taxes taken out of his very hefty earnings.

During the debate Hannity disingenuously said, “If we can experience a little pain now… a little austerity now, it’s going to prevent our kids from working their entire adult lives to pay off this debt that we’re accumulating.”

Williams did a terrific job of calling Hannity on his BS, though not that particular sleight of hand. “You are so myopic… You are not honest with this… President Obama has shown leadership that you refuse to acknowledge, Sean.”

Hannity whined, “Ah, I have a headache!”

Pobrecito! It must be so hard sitting in his air conditioned studio with all those millions in the bank, just worrying about how much of a social safety net the working people of this country can give up so that he can avoid a tax increase.

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