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O’Reilly Still Using Norway Tragedy To Push A Divisive Agenda

Reported by Ellen - July 28, 2011 -

After using the Norway tragedy to fan the flames of divisiveness, Bill O’Reilly backed off a bit the next night to have a relatively civil debate with Sally Quinn. But last night (7/27/11), O’Reilly hosted Laura Ingraham where the two of them – in a classic case of projection – accused the so-called secular left of using Norway's tragedy to promote their pro-Muslim/anti-Christian agenda. Never mind that Norway’s terror suspect, Anders Breivik – as Jon Stewart so brilliantly laid out later on The Daily Show – wore his Christianity on his manifesto sleeve. O’Reilly has been so intent on “proving” that Breivik has nothing to do with Christianity – mostly by attacking the left, as if that has anything to do with Breivik – that he has almost completely ignored the actual tragedy. Or you might think that the real victims in the Norway tragedy were conservative Christians like O’Reilly and Ingraham.

Before they even got to Norway, O’Reilly and Ingraham set up their audience to pull out their grudges. First, the two pundits agreed that “the far left is intimidating the President of the United States” in the debt negotiations. Then they agreed that there’s no comparison to any Tea Party pressure on the GOP because, unlike the “far left” which is funded by Soros, “we have the people,” as Ingraham put it. O’Reilly quickly agreed. “There aren’t any shadowy figures that we know about anyway behind the Tea Party pulling those chains. It disturbs me that a guy like Soros and these MoveOn people and all of that have so much power behind the scenes. It’s disturbing.”

Apparently, neither O’Reilly nor Ingraham are aware of the power behind the scenes of the shadowy Koch brothers. Either that, or O’Reilly and Ingraham deliberately ignored the Kochs’ role in order to push their anti-left talking points.

Then it was on to Norway. Temporarily putting aside his Christian victimhood, O’Reilly trumpeted the fact that the New York Times stopped calling Breivik a “Christian” terrorist “since we did our report on that Monday” - suggesting that poor, helpless Christian victim O'Reilly had the power to influence the Times' reporting. But that was just a speed bump on the road to further hate mongering. “I think it was pretty obvious why the liberal media was playing up the Christian angle,” he accused.

Let me just pause here to once again point out that O’Reilly is doing exactly what he has accused the so-called “liberal media” of doing. Making accusations without a shred of evidence – based on a political agenda. Out of four segments (so far) on the subject of this awful injustice to Christians by the media, O’Reilly has yet to produce a single bit of proof to show that it’s deliberate.

Of course, Ingraham didn’t need any stinking proof. She was already off to the liberal-bashing races. She said she had been “cheering” O’Reilly’s comments. “You laid it out perfectly. There are a lot of people. There are a lot of people – again, very well funded on the secular left who don’t much like traditional Christianity, don’t much like traditional Catholics or evangelical Christians. Have no problems smearing them, regardless of what the issue is.” Unlike his standard for the New York Times, O'Reilly never asked her for any evidence that that was the case.

Of course, nobody on Fox News EVER smears the left, right? Wrong. Jon Stewart put the lie to that one last night and I’m including that segment as the second video in this post.

After Ingraham finished, O’Reilly played a clip of Republican Peter King attacking “the politically correct media” and the “vacuous ideologues of the New York Times” for “shamlessly attempting to exploit the horrific tragedy in Norway” because there have been calls for King to include right-wing terrorism in his Homeland Security hearings on Islamic terrorism threats.

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