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Martha MacCallum Pushes GOP Pol's Outrage Over Phony VA "God" "Ban"

Reported by Priscilla - July 28, 2011 -

Fox News claims that "America Live" is officially a "news" show. The reality, however, is very different as this show frequently serves to put an official Fox "News" patina on opinion stories that push right wing points of view. As the mouthpiece for the right, particularly the persecuted Christian right, Fox is always willing to push their agenda - even on so-called "news" show. The newest "outrage" in the Christian right community is the so called "banning" of "God" at a Veterans Cemetery in Houston. Not only has this been covered on Fox & Friends; but good Christian patriot, Gretchen Carlson, covered it on Fox's supposed "news" show, "America Live." And the outrage is growing as Texas congressman John Culberson crashed a funeral ("went undercover") to "prove" that, as Fox puts it, "God" is being "banned." He had a sympathetic platform on the weekend Fox & Friends. As I have reported, the policies do not ban prayer but rather, respect the right of the family of the deceased to have whatever service (or no service) that they want without "Memorial Ladies" shoving "God Bless You" cards into their hands and the VFW doing a service which invokes "God." You can understand why the Christian propaganda show, Fox & Friends would take the side of a godly, Christian conservative congressman - but isn't Fox "News" supposed to be "fair & balanced?" In providing validation for Culbertson's accusation, alleged "news" anchor Martha MacCallum's coverage of the "God Ban", on yesterday's alleged "news" show "America Live," was anything but that.

As the opening chyron set the propaganda stage with "TX Law Maker Wants Probe Into 'God' Ban at Vets Cemetery." (Love how the visuals frame the message). MacCallum reported that a Texas congressman is calling for a House investigation "after he went undercover and found out that the word "God," in some cases is still not allowed at military funerals." While she spoke, video of gravestones, all with Christian crosses, was shown. Another visual, with a banner that read "one nation under God, was shown." (LOL, that's wording that went into the Pledge of Allegiance, in the 50's, at the behest of the Catholic Knights of Columbus.) She referenced her interview with the "Memorial Ladies" who push God Bless You Cards into the hands of those at funerals - without consideration of the person's religious beliefs. (In Foxworld, only dirty heathens don't believe in God). MacCallum described the ladies function as making sure "nobody forgets America's heroes when they're laid to rest." She played the video of a "lady" asking why they should be told to stop what they're doing. Good Christian MacCallum said "they're doing great work."

She warmly welcomed Culbertson who thanked her for "staying on this story." MacCallum mentioned that the VA says that his allegations were untrue and asked him to tell the audience what he found out. Culbertson described how he "confirmed" the allegations by crashing a funeral. He recounted the same story that he told Clayton Morris about how the VFW Honor Guard guy was so upset about having to ask (per VA policy) the sobbing, grieving widow about wanting the VFW service. (Which invokes "God" 5 times). As on Sunday, he pushed for the removal of the cemetery director who, he claims, is prohibiting the VFW service even if the family asks for it. "News" woman MacCallum asked where this idea is coming from. (Guess MacCallum doesn't do any research because the information is readily available.) Culbertson said that the director is following policy which says that the government can't interfere with prayers at funerals. More visuals of people with "one nation under God" was shown. He accused her of stopping the "Memorial ladies" and *closing the chapel which he forced her to reopen. He repeated his accusation that she's interfering with "this most sacred" ceremony. (The secular VFW conducts "sacred" ceremonies?) He repeated his bizarre analogy, made on Fox & Friends, about how this cemetery thing is like the Obama administration "shoving" its way into the doctor's "examining room." He thanked MacCallum "for staying focused on this." She said "it's a strange situation."

Comment: This is a "news" show. ROFLMAO. MacCallum allowed Culbertson to do his partisan monologue while she scrunched up her eyes and asked one really stupid question which she wouldn't have asked if she had bothered to do some research. So far, the "fair & balanced" Fox coverage hasn't included anybody from the VA. The VA guidelines are clear but because the Christian right is fighting them, Fox, along with "God" is on their side.

*As stated by the VA, the chapel was closed due to noise and fumes from a nearby construction project. The VA, not John Culbertson reopened it as a non denominational chapel - another point of contention for the outraged Christians.


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