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“Democratic Pollster” Pat Caddell Overlooks Actual Debt-Ceiling Polls In Order To Spin For Republicans

Reported by Guest Blogger - July 28, 2011 -

By Brian and Ellen

Pat Caddell proved again why he’s one of Fox News’ favorite “Democrats” during his appearance on Your World yesterday (7/27/11). In a discussion that purported to be about the media’s coverage of the debt crisis (translation: blame the liberals and their liberal media for the fact that the public resoundingly favors President Obama’s positions), Caddell somehow “forgot” a slew of polling results in his excitement at maligning Obama and accusing the mainstream media of shilling for him.

Host Neil Cavuto began by showing a series of what was supposed to be interpreted as anti-Republican headlines in the mainstream media:

"Facing obstacles, G.O.P delays vote on plan for debt." (New York Times)
"Boehner fights strife within Republican party on veto-threatened debt plan." (Bloomberg)
"Boehner finds himself boxed in, desperately seeking a solution." (msnbc.com)
"GOP Presidential candidates cool to Boehner." (Washington Post)

In his intro to the segment, Cavuto said, "I want you to take a look at the headlines about this debt fighting. You wonder why when I said I woke up just kind of angry. You just think it was just Republicans, Speaker John Boehner in this debt fight. They're the ones screwing this whole thing up. These headlines blasting them, or anyone, anyone who's looking for spending restraint… Pat Caddell not surprised about all this slanted coverage, but I guess it is what it is."

Caddell said, "This is the political class media coverage which is, ‘We like spending, we like big government, it is good. It is bad if you're trying to cut it.’ …Most of the media has abandoned its job of telling the truth to people, and they're outliers for my party, for Democrats. And they’re outliers, particularly for the President… They're operatives in this. Their operation is in defense of a political class, and the big government that they like and support... Anybody who wants to cut budgets or cut money, they’re just yahoos."

It was Cavuto who noted that though the public seems to feel “a pox on both their houses,” the polls give Obama the “edge” in the crisis.

It was “Democrat” Caddell who exclaimed, “His numbers are going down!” After Cavuto asked, “Who gets the better?” Caddell said, “None of them!” Caddell conveniently avoided citing actual polls in order to say he had been out doing a week of focus groups (wonder if it was for Frank Luntz) and that respondents had complained about Congress acting like children rather than in the best interests of the country. “The anger and the despair about a government that they believe they have no say in… This has done more to open the door to someone like a Donald Trump or somebody running as an independent or other people saying, ‘We have to get rid of them all.’ …The public doesn’t get all the facts but they’ve got the temperature.”

Well, speaking of getting the facts and telling the truth in the media, Caddell did an awesome job of botching both. Check out PollingReport.com’s roundup of polling on the subject and you’ll see poll after poll of the public siding with President Obama over the Republicans on the debt-ceiling fight. It's hard to believe a professional pollster would overlook that data - unless he wanted to.

After Caddell did some more criticizing of President Obama and the media, Cavuto – who almost surely knows what the polling actually shows - called Caddell, “Buddy,” and added, “One of the smartest pollsters this country has ever seen.”

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