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Martha MacCallum: Wouldn’t We Really Rather Pay For Wars Than Social Safety Nets?

Reported by Ellen - July 27, 2011 -

Martha MacCallum went beyond her usual shilling for the GOP on America Live yesterday (7/26/11) and offered her solution for our country’s deficit: Get rid of the “precarious situation” of sending out “80 million checks a month” and let the country get on a “better, stronger fiscal position" to pay for wars. "(A)nd isn’t that where we really want to be as a country – where a war doesn’t but us because we’ve got good fundamentals?” The only thing more shocking than MacCallum’s “question,” was how both her conservative guests agreed with her. (H/T Media Matters)

Don't forget America Live, airing at 1-3PM ET, is supposed to be part of Fox News' objective news lineup.

Here's MacCallum's statement in full.

But I want to ask you one more question because when I watched the president last night, he talked about the things that have driven us to this situation, and he said two wars that we couldn't pay for, a prescription drug plan that, you know, was way too expensive to pay for, and the financial crisis that followed and that was, you know, toward the beginning of his watch and overlapping the Bush administration.

But I couldn't help thinking, well, if we weren't in such a precarious situation and hadn't overextended ourselves to such an incredible extent, where we are sending out 80 million checks a month - the U.S. government - wouldn't we have been able to handle those things like the two wars in a much better, stronger fiscal position, and isn't THAT where we really want to be as a country, where a war doesn't bust us because we've got good fundamentals?

By the way, War-a-Go-Go MacCallum doesn't seem to have spent a day serving her country.

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