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Fox and Friends Latest Fox "News" Show To Tax Viewers Intelligence With Junk Food Tax Talk

Reported by Aunty Em - July 27, 2011 -

Yesterday I wrote about The Five bravely tackling the silly suggestion of a New York Times food writer, who felt that taxing junk food might be a good idea. While I was actually writing that column, lo and behold, Fox and Friends were covering the same topic on Fox "News.". [Was there a memo, folks?] To his credit, Greg Gutfeld mentioned in his intro that it was NYT food writer Mark Bittmann’s suggestion. Not so, Gretchen Carlson. When it came time for Fox and Friends to attack the tax, The Gretch made no mention of where the idea came from, leaving viewers to assume that it was a governmental idea. Watch:

Video courtesy of Media Matters

As Media Matters explains:

Carlson didn't explain where Fox & Friends found these [food tax] numbers, so the viewer is left to assume the government is actually considering such taxes. Actually, it appears these numbers came from a recent op-ed in The New York Times. So a "50 cent tax" on fries isn't actually being considered by any legislature right now.

But that didn't stop Carlson from plowing on anyhow, and she urges her guests, two nutritionists, to condemn such "food police" involvement. One of them, Robert Ferguson, happily obliges:

FERGUSON: No, [a tax on unhealthy foods] doesn't sound good at all. The government, number one, we want to keep them out of the game. Number two, we want to go to the root of the problem and that means education. So, it's not about making apples and oranges cheaper. The reality is going to the people, showing the people how to actually maximize their overall metabolism as well as drop the weight and to become healthier. And then, I want to know who defines what makes what foods healthy. No one has ever really talked about that.

Media Matters also reports that that was not the only time yesterday morning Fox and Friends attacked healthy eating:

Fox has a long history of attacking any plan to fight childhood obesity or encourage healthier eating -- but Fox & Friends may have reached a new low today when they attacked McDonald's for voluntarily making Happy Meals healthier, then hosted a "nutritionist" to defend "mac and cheese" as part of a "different culture."

Was there anything FAIR and BALANCED about the Fox and Friends food reports? We report, you decide.