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Steve Doocy Provides Amen Corner To County Clerk "Punished for Patriotism"

Reported by Priscilla - July 26, 2011 -

Along with Jesus and the American flag, today's right wing, for whom Fox "News" is a mouthpiece, love pledges. Be they anti-abortion, anti-pornography, anti-gay marriage, or anti-tax, these pledges take on almost a cult-like significance. But the most sacred pledge is the Pledge of Allegiance which was written by a socialist and had the sacred "under God" words added in the early 50's at the behest of the Catholic Knights of Columbus and other such types who wanted to show what godly folks they were. And if the sacred Pledge of Allegiance is under fire from commie pinkos Fox & Friends is there to defend it. And now that another persecuted Christian patriot (always welcome on Fox & Friends) is being persecuted over her support for the Pledge and prayer, a story "broken" by Pam Geller on her "Atlas Shrugged" blog and promoted by World Net Daily, Big Government, and a bunch of other right wing sites, Fox & Friends was there to tell the story without including a pertinent detail that derails part of the premise of the faux outrage and chyrons which, in typical Fox & Friends fashion, provided a distorted lesson for the day.

On Monday, good Christian patriot Steve Doocy reported that Texas county clerk, Natalie Nichols, could face a grand jury because she "spoke up," during a meeting, about her objections to references to the Pledge and the Prayer having been removed from her minutes of a previous county meeting. The chyron was pure agitprop: "Punished for Patriotism, Clerk Face Jail For Defending the Pledge?" While Natalie Nichols explained that a judge had crossed out her mention of the prayer and pledge in her minutes of a past meeting, the chyron doubled down on the agitprop: "No Pledge or Prayer In Court? Court Tells Clerk To Omit Pledge From Record." Doocy read a quote from the Judge in which he explained, during a subsequent meeting, that he didn't want the Prayer and Pledge cited in the minutes because of fear that this could be construed as an official position and as such, feared that the ACLU would sue (Booyah - another Fox/right wing nemesis comes into the picture!) Doocy, ever the objective reporter, said "that wasn't an accurate reflection of what happened at the meeting" - not "you allege that this isn't accurate." Nichols agreed that it wasn't accurate. Doocy got all agitated when he described how Nichols told the judge that he was lying and "you stand the possibility of going before a grand jury, you might get fired..." The chyron was priceless: "An Unholy War in Texas, Clerk Stands Up For Prayer and Pledge in Court."

Nichols claimed that the judge has "backtracked" because of public pressure. Doocy said that he knew that she has "gotten a lot of support from people across the country who say thank you for sticking up for the Pledge and the prayer, as well." He blurted "if you need to go to jail for standing up for principal, what are you going to do." Good Christian patriot that she is, she said that she will go to jail for "standing up for God and this country." She told Doocy she didn't know when she's going to hear about the outcome of the case. Doocy sighed and said, "oh, man." He asked the viewers to weigh in on the issue. (Now come the harassing e-mails and death threats for the judge?) He wished her luck on "her fight."

Comment: Despite the "messages" of the chyrons (which provide, for those who just can't understand the verbal content of the piece, the Fox News official lesson), the issue wasn't about saying a prayer and the Pledge. It was about the inclusion of mention of the prayer and Pledge as part of the minutes of the meeting which, according to the judge, made it appear as though the prayer and Pledge were part of the meeting - something that he feared the ACLU would challenge. But what Doocy didn't tell the audience was that mention of the Pledge and prayer has been reinstated in the minutes. So while Nichols faces an uncertain future, the issue is no longer about the prayer and the Pledge. When Fox "News" has propaganda to push, who cares about details! Ain't no party like a culture war party and Fox News is bringing it.


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