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Greg Gutfeld Says Population Control Is "A Big Fat Joke"

Reported by Priscilla - July 26, 2011 -

Taking a page from the webpage of the radical anti-choicer Jill Stanek, former altar boy Greg Gutfeld (who so far and thankfully hasn't produced issue) used the concerns of British environmentalists about overpopulation, vis-à-vis David Beckham's fourth child, to rail against family planning. Underscoring the belief that the right wing are anti-science, Gutfeld actually used his rant to say that overpopulation is no big deal. Guess he's not aware of how overpopulation causes social, economic, political, health,and ecological problems. But then Greg and his Ukranian wife (where are the babies?) live in a right wing world where "the rich get rich and the poor get babies." As the rest of the song says, "ain't we got fun!"

Gutfeld wanted to know why "eco-freaks" (British environmentalists) are "so annoyed at the bundle of joy." He cited their concern about global population numbers and how the Beckham's baby is an opportunity to "restart the stupid debate over family size." After he read a quote from Simon Ross of the "Optimum Population Trust," about how the Beckham's are bad role models, he noted that Ross said that tax credits should only be given for the first two children. (Hmm, sounds like something our GOP would like) Greg's guests joked about how, given the antics of the Beckham's, the kid is actually a good thing. One guest said (didn't get his name but he was wearing glasses) people are entitled to reproductive freedom and that the population group is using the Beckham's to further their agenda. Greg asked if this group is basically anti-people. Leeann Tweeden said that they can afford another child.

In closing, Gutfeld cited Paul Erhlich's "Population Bomb" in which he predicted that millions of people would die of starvation because of overpopulation. Gutfeld asserted that what "he failed to figure in was the creativity of human beings to solve problems and that's the problem, they don't have faith in human beings to figure out how to do things." When his glasses wearing guest said that "population control is tyranny 101," Gutfeld said "it's basically a big fat joke."

Comment: "A big fat joke." Right, tell that to the mothers in the poor "favelas" in Brazil - women who, because they can't get birth control because of the Catholic Church's political influence, have children they can't afford - children who end up living on the streets, many of whom become prostitutes. Tell that to the people who are dying in the deserts of Africa because too many people despoiled the land. There is a correlation between overpopulation and poverty. Too bad Gutfeld and his pal don't realize that. The Chinese knew that they were not able to sustain themselves with their population which is why they instituted the one child policy. And while the birth of the Beckham's fourth child will not presage ecological disaster in Britain, overpopulation is an important topic given the precarious state of our environment and politics - especially in third world countries. Greg's argument that family planning is stupid is a corollary to the anti-choice position that contraception leads to abortion and as such, should be banned. But given that anti-choice Greg is a member of a church which says that contraception is sinful, it's not surprising that he would proffer this commentary which basically wants women to be unfettered breeders regardless of economic circumstances. It's offensive and dare I say sexist. Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, made a cogent point when she said that

"At its heart, this is a debate about poverty and inequality, as well as about sustainability – and we believe that strong policies to reduce the yawning gulf between rich and poor should underpin every effort to address it.I don't believe that government incentives or laws to that effect are what we need. As a richer country, we face different challenges when it comes to population than those in the developing world, where high birth rates are linked to dire poverty and inequality. It's an equally important issue for both richer and poorer nations – this is a global debate which affects us all."

Too bad Gutfeld and his pals couldn't have had a mature discussion about a serious issue. But that's right wing humor for ya! And speaking of which - Greg Gutfeld might not be fat; but he's a great, big joke.

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