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Fox & Friends Continue To Flog Bogus VA "Bans" God Story With "Undercover" GOP Pol

Reported by Priscilla - July 26, 2011 -

As the mouthpiece for persecuted Christians, Fox "News" was ready, willing, and able to provide coverage for the latest faux persecuted Christian patriot story. Several weeks ago, Brian Kilmeade of the show that specializes in persecuted Christian patriots, Fox & Friends, reported on how "God" is being censored in a Houston TX Veterans Administration Cemetery. (Meanwhile, Kilmeade et al. would love to censor Bill Maher!) He interviewed some Christian ladies who claimed that they were told to stop handing out "God Bless You" to people who weren't sneezing at VA funerals. The key chyron for the piece was "God Banned From Military Funerals." That same week, Gretchen Carlson, subbing for Megyn Kelly, on the supposed news show "America Live," did two segments on this latest thing to make Jesus weep. In addition to showing sympathy to the Memorial Ladies, she did another interview with a GOP (what else!) TX congressman who claimed that the cemetery director had issued onerous requirements about funerals. Flash forward to Sunday's Fox & Friends during which they did a piece about - wait for it - how "God" is still being - are ya ready for it - "censored" at the Houston cemetary. And how do we know that this offense to the deity is taking place? Why GOP TX congressman John Culberson donned a clever disguise and went "underground." As I often say, sometimes you just can't make this stuff up!

In the video titled "Houston Cemetery Bans God," Clayton Morris (he who didn't understand why "crusade" has negative connotations) reported that a Judge has ordered the cemetery to stop its practice of "banning the word 'god' from military funerals" as it deals with three pending lawsuits. As Morris spoke, the chyron read: "Shhhh...Veterans Cemetery Bans 'God' - Director Ignores Judge's Order to Halt Ban." Video of a person carrying a placard saying "In Jesus name we pray" was shown cuz we all know that real Americans love Jesus. He then described how his guest went undercover and "discovered that the cemetary is ignoring the judge's orders." He introduced good Christian Republican Culberson who "investigated" by donning sun glass and a VFW hat and crashed a funeral. (for the record, Culberson was never in the military). Chyron continued the agitprop: "Banning God From Funerals, Congressman Goes Undercover at TX Cemetery." He claimed that the VA prevented the honor guard from doing the VFW ritual. He got in an Obama jab when he said that Obama violated the privacy of doctor's offices and is now wedging their way into the privacy of funerals. (Uh, John, that's just what you actually did!) "Banning" was the word for the day with this chyron: "Ignoring a Judge's Word, Cemetery Still Banning God at Funerals." He claimed that Obama is trying to prevent the VFW ritual from taking place.

He then claimed that the director of the cemetery is ignoring the rules. As the chyron read "Unholy Ban, Culberson: Cemetary Director Ignores Judge." (Wonder how many good Christian harassing e-mails and death threats were being sent to the director as Culberson spoke?) Culberson claimed that as head of the House appropriation committee, he would "zero out" her salary and require her to leave Texas if she wants to continue with the VA. The guy who crashed a funeral said that a funeral's privacy is "sacred." Yet another "banning" reference with this chyron: "Banning 'God' from Funerals, Culberson: Dir. Enforced Ban with Widows." Culberson asserted that he went undercover because the Obama administration is lying about "not interfering." According to Culberson, the head of the honor guard was upset because he had to approach "the grieving widow as she exits the vehicle sobbing" and because of the evil Obama, ask her if she wants the ritual. Culberson said that he's going to make sure this is stopped and no more "American heroes" are buried without benefit of a prayer.

Comment: According to the Baptist Joint Committee website, the VA has issued a reply to the lawsuit that say, in part, that guidelins "ensure that the religious preferences, if any, of families of deceased Veterans are fully respected, and they specifically say that the honor guards may read scripture or a brief prayer if the family makes such a request to the honor guard team and the family does not provide its own clergy..." In other words, the VFW shouldn't be wedging their way into a ceremony without first asking permission because, according to the VA, "it should be the family's choice and decision what to have read in accordance with their faith tradition, if any, because it would be improper for others to impose their own religious preferences on a Veteran's family, especially during this meaningful event." In other words, the upset VFW guy was being properly informed of policy. It's not the VFW or John Culberson but the families who make the decision as to what religious or non religious services are performed. The VFW ritual is religious. But according to Culberson, you're gonna get "God" whether or not you want it.

And if am called upon to enter my Vietnam era "hero" husband to his VA grave, the VFW better take their god ceremony elsewhere, John Culberson notwithstanding.

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