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Did Fox & Friends Diss Or Defend Campus Crusade For Christ Name Change?

Reported by Priscilla - July 26, 2011 -

Most of the time, the propaganda messages on Fox & Friends are very clear. This weekend, however, they did two segments about how the Campus Crusade for Christ has changed it's name to "Cru" (Not the same as 2 Live Crew!) The two segments appear to have some cognitive dissonance in that the premise seemed to be about how dropping Christ out of the name was done because of "political correctness" pressure while what transpired during the segments seemed to be a defense of the name change. Fox's hired priest, Father Jonathan Morris, addressed the issue during his Sunday Fox homily and while he defended the name change, he added a few caveats. But one thing is for sure. During both segments, the right wing organization formerly known as the Campus Crusade for Christ, was lavished with praise. It was strange...

The direction of Saturday's segment seemed clear when Dave Briggs reported that Campus Crusade for Christ took Christ out of their name because "some people were maybe turned off by it." Juliette Huddy (another "bubble headed bleach blonde?") introduced Steve Sellers vice president of the newly named Cru and said that "this has gotten a lot of folks up in arms, some people bowing to political correctness." She added that others say that there are reasons for this type of name change. Sellers explained that the name change wasn't because of political pressure and they're not ashamed of the gospel. After Briggs asked if the mission changed, Sellers explained their mission which includes ministries to athletes and military. He continued to promote the group until Huddy mentioned that the founder had intended to change the name in the 70's. Sellers said that nobody who knew Bill Bright would say that he intended to take Christ out of the mission. Just when I thought that everybody was basking in the love of Jesus and all was forgiven regarding the name change, the chyron read "Christ Out, Cru In, Campus Crusade for Christ makes name change."

The strangeness continued on Sunday with Father Jonathan Morris providing his spiritual perspective (which, apart from two recent interviews with an Episcopalian priest) is the only spiritual perspective you get on "America's Newsroom." Clayton Morris reported the name change as the chyron said "Sign of the Time, Campus Group Drops "Christ" from Name." So OK, I'm thinking they're cool with it until Morris added "because they say it might alienate people." (Hmm) But then Dave Briggs referenced how Steve Sellers "defends the move" and played part of the video from Saturday during which Sellers said that the change wasn't because of political correctness. (Hmm) Juliette Huddy, in a fetching form fitting frock introduced the padre and noted how the words campus, Christ, and crusade were out adding that "some people are upset about this." (Hmm) The chyron: "A PC Crusade? The Message Behind the Name Change." (Hmm) But the gears shifted with her comment about "kinda understanding" the change.

Was Fox's official religious spokesperson dissing or defending when he said that "There is a temptation to water down the message and image of an organization with the changing times. Why, because society is becoming increasingly secular and you don't want to look bad" As he spoke the chyron's message seemed clear - or was it? : "Words That Get in the Way, Connotations of Christ and Crusade." Fr. Morris said "there is a danger" to "not be who we are because of what other people think." (Hmm) But in a gravity defying turn, he qualified this by saying that "in this case" the group has done "tremendous work in bringing the gospel and message of Jesus to college kids for years and years." He continued to defend the change Clayton Morris said that he was confused when Sellers said that 9% of Christians were alienated by the name. In response to his question of why people would feel this way, Fr. Morris referenced the crusades. (Ya think!) They chyron: "Christ Out, Cru In." He added that "forcing" faith isn't Campus Crusade's message. Briggs wanted to know about "the Christ aspect" and if Fr. Morris was concerned that people were "turned off" by Christ not being in the name. Fr. Morris defended that, too. Huddy mentioned that the founder wanted to do this in the 70's. OK, so we're cool with it. But wait. Padre finished with another caveat about being careful about not watering down a Christian message in order to adapt ourselves to society. (Something Morris' church is doing, fer sure). Briggs then said "the mission has not changed."

Comment: Wha, the wha.?! Was Fox trying to assuage the fears of "some people" who were upset about this or warning about "PC" culture? Or were they pushing a very radical, almost cult like group whose founder, Bill Bright, said that "Christians founded this nation. Christians built this nation. And for 300 years they governed this nation. And we can do it again." Bright was hoping to evangelize Iraq after our invasion took the lives of many of those that were going to be evangelized. And as far as not forcing their faith - the Military Religious Freedom Report has documented their predatory proselytization. Anyway, I'm confused!

And note to the Freepers who said, regarding Ms. Huddy's cleavage, "With that staring him in the face, it’s no wonder the priest erred on the side of not so good" and how Fr. Morris "should tell Fox that he won’t accept invitations to their studio until their women are properly clothed" - I don't think the lovely ladies of Fox News are an "occasion of sin" for Father Morris, if you know what I'm saying ;)

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