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Laura Ingraham Uses Bogus Norway "Muslim" Terrorism For "Ground Zero Mosque" Hit Piece

Reported by Priscilla - July 24, 2011 -

In the Murdoch/Geller war on the NY Islamic Cultural Center, Fox News provided a preponderance of ammunition against what is not exclusively a mosque and what is not on "Ground Zero" as their coverage was tilted almost exclusively and relentlessly against the mosque. And the anti "mosque" coverage continues. As a recent court case against the "mosque" was dismissed, the way is cleared for construction. That provided official Fox "news" person, Martha MacCallum, with the opportunity to validate the person who filed the lawsuit and promote his anti-Islamic website.On Friday night's "Factor," Laura Ingraham continued the meme. As a lead in to a video of Bill O'Reilly saying why he thought the "mosque" was "insensitive," Ingraham immediately said that the bombing in Oslo and the murder rampage at a youth camp "appear to be the work, once again, of Muslim extremists." Yesterday, it was reported that the Norwegian police have a suspect and he's not Muslim. Rather, he's a self identified "Christian fundamentalist." Although the authenticity of his Facebook profile has not been verified, his friends say he's a critic of multi-culturalism. (Just like Fox News!) But before any facts had been verified, Fox News connected the incident with "Muslim" extremism and then connected, in a not very subtle way, the alleged "Muslim" extremism with NY's Islamic cultural center. Sometimes you just can't make it up!

After Ingraham reported on the incident, she said that "meanwhile, the Muslims want to build a mosque at ground zero." Fact Check - it's an Islamic Cultural Center of which the mosque is only a small part. It's also not at "Ground Zero" The graphic behind Ingraham was the proposed building identified as "Ground Zero Mosque" with the Islamic star and crescent over it. She reported that a judge dismissed a case against the building of the mosque. The video of Bill O'Reilly's interview with the lawyer for the community center was shown.

He predicted that no workers will agree to work on the project which he did identify as a "center." There was accompanying video of the xenophobic protests inspired, in part, by Fox News. When the lawyer invoked freedom of religion, O'Reilly said that didn't matter because the building is "offensive" to people. Bill said that he could find them a site three blocks away and if they didn't take it, it would prove that they "have an agenda." (So setting up a ridiculous premise is a way to prove an agenda?) I wanted to gag when O'Reilly said that the developers need to be more "sensitive towards the 9-11 families." (Bill didn't show any sensitivity towards the family of Dr. Tiller during Tiller's life when O'Reilly attacked him as a "killer" - attacks that continued after Tiller's murder including commentary when Bill won an award for his "courage" in attacking Tiller)

Comment: Once again, Fox "News" says be scared of Muslims. Wonder if next time that Ingraham subs for O'Reilly, she'll issue a retraction of her comment. Nah. Who needs retraction when there's propaganda to push!


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