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Got Hypocrisy? Monica Crowley Disses Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Hair

Reported by Priscilla - July 24, 2011 -

Every time Bill Maher, a comedian, says anything satirical about Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman, the talking heads on Fox whine about his "sexism." There is also an ongoing Fox whine about how the media treats conservative women so badly. Yet, Fox has no problem attacking Democratic congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz for perfectly appropriate comments made to teabagging darling, GOP Rep. Alan West who made a totally sexist reference to Ms. Wasserman Schultz in an e-mail. The attacks got even more personal when Monica Crowley, not a comedian, referred, on "The Five," to Wasserman Schultz as "she of the angry perm." Here's the thing Monica. You may think you're da bomb, but your general nasty attitude is really fugly.

While Wasserman Schultz, a breast cancer survivor, might not have your smooth blonde tresses she's never been accused of plagiarism. Maybe she's happy with what appears to be naturally wavy hair (common among Ashkenazi Jewish women) and doesn't need the blonde extensions and Brazilian blow out look so popular amongst women, like you, who service (metaphorically) the Republican right on national TV. And it's about your mouth, Monica, is that just a sneer or just bad plastic surgery? You might have been one hot, GOP fox during your salad days; but girlfriend, your salad done wilted a long time ago. Here's the thing. You really need to quit yer bitching that the media and liberals are trying to "take down conservative women in order to try to undermine them and destroy their credibility" because your snap about Wasserman Schultz's hair makes you look like a hypocrite regarding credibility of female politicians and that's not exactly dope. By Fox's definition, it's sexist.


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