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Fox News' Hired Priest, Father Jonathan Morris, Attacks Bill Maher

Reported by Priscilla - July 24, 2011 -

As has been reported, part of several of last week's Sean Hannity's show was devoted to bashing Bill Maher for his, and his guests', "sexist" satirical comments about Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Father Jonatham Morris, Fox's resident chaplain and Parochial Vicar of Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, as part of Hannity's "Great American Panel," (let's see when married, former Catholic now Episcopalian Father Cuti shows up on Hannity!) joined in on the attack on Wednesday night. Not surprisingly, he said that Maher is anti-religious (D'uh) but he also said something that is just jawdroppingly ironic given that the little padre is employed by Fox News. He claimed that Maher is using his comedy to "carry out an agenda" and that "we are not going to allow him to hide behind satire and do these very sexist, nasty things on his show." Oh, the irony!

Obviously the erstwhile priest doesn't care about "the First Amendment" which allows people to be nasty. And how bout Fox News which hides behind "fair and balanced" "news" to promote a right wing agenda. And nasty - how bout some of the stuff that various right wing pundits say on Fox and on Hannity. Ann Coulter is no choir girl if you get what I'm saying. I guess Father Morris doesn't have a problem with Family Research Council's Tony Perkins nasty homophobic comment about how gays are "harmful and destructive" to society. How bout when his pal Greg Gutfeld slut shamed women who have abortions. There is lots more of nasty but too numerous to mention.

In addition to attacking Maher, Morris did his duty to Pope Roger Ailes when he criticized proposed elimination of charitable deductions in the tax code overhaul. He said that it would hurt churches and allow the government to decide how to take care of poor people - which they do already. (Eww, more government money for gays and slutty women?). Fox News has a history of sexist remarks, some of directed against Nancy Pelosi, but Father Morris doesn't seem do care about that.

Comment: Looks like somebody is hiding behind a Roman Collar to promote an agenda. Wonder if the holy father's Fox salary goes into helping poor people or purchasing Orientals for the rectory - rugs, that is.

Oh, and not suprisingly, Father's Facebook fans just gushed over his comments. One of them "loved" Bill Cunningham's nasty litttle screed.

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