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Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow Says No Abortion For Women If Men Object

Reported by Priscilla - July 24, 2011 -

Just when you think Fox's Keith Ablow's jobs couldn't get any worse, think again. Fox's resident psychiatrist and member of Fox's "Medical A Team," says, on the Fox website, that "Men Should Be Allowed to Veto Abortions." In a shout out to the misogynistic anti-choice movement, for which Fox News provides a mouthpiece, Ablow uses the anti-choice argument that fetuses are "unborn children" from the "moment of conception" - a religious belief, not based on science which believes that the development of the fetus begins at implantation. But according to GUYS, like Ablow, all those fertilized eggs that get washed down the toilet, during menstruation, are sweet, little "babies." Keith says that if the sperm donors promise to do their fatherly duties, then a woman should be forced ("compelled") to carry that pregnancy to term - which means that if said guy reneges on his promise, the woman is going to be shit out of luck and forget welfare, the conservatives that Ablow is sucking up to don't believe in that either. It's "pre-born" and those in persistent vegetative states that pro-lifers love. Anybody in between is on their own. Ignoring the reality of failed contraception he also says that if women are "responsible," then they shouldn't get pregnant. If you have any doubt that Fox News is the mouthpiece for anti-choice women haters who see women as mere brood sows, you won't have after you read Ablow's article which is now being circulated amongst the anti-choice websites. Women as property - how medieval - Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

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