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Hannity Hour-Long Infomercial For Jeb Bush More Important Than Breaking News

Reported by Ellen - July 23, 2011 -

In the midst of breaking news about the debt crisis that pre-empted much of The O’Reilly Factor last night (7/22/11) - plus the horrific attacks in Norway, the Hannity show played in full what could only be described as an infomercial for Jeb Bush. This, despite the fact that Bush holds no elected office and insisted he has no plans to run for one.

Although Bush assured Sean Hannity he would not run in 2012, there was still plenty of time for Bush to criticize President Obama's policies. OK, that’s nothing out of the ordinary on Fox News. But then came the discussion about Bush’s “passion for school choice,” as Hannity put it. There was a mini-documentary with stirring music, a clip of Bush saying, “I love school choice… We’ve empowered people that otherwise wouldn’t have had power,” etc. plus testimonials from students who just happened to be in the studio audience. The show called that segment “The Great American Forum.” I’m sure it was just a coincidence that everyone who spoke was an enthusiastic endorser of Bush.

By the way, right behind the student interviewed in the film clip was Fox News’ Tea Party contributor, Deneen Borelli, straight from her gig as part of a focus group on America Live this week. Funny how she keeps turning up in the “average citizen” role on Fox.

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