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The Five Joins The Chorus And Also Defends Allen West’s Indefensible Rant

Reported by Aunty Em - July 22, 2011 -

It’s hard to know whether a memo has come down from on high, but there officially seems to be no hour of the day in which Fox “News” personalities have not come out in full-throated defense of Allen West’s attack of my Congressional Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Yesterday it was the turn of The Five—still one of the worst shows on television since My Mother, The Car. Watch Monica Crowley in action:

Video courtesy of Media Matters

Andrea Tantaros: Monica? Gender discrimination or does Allen West have a point?

MC: Oh, c’mon. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz—she of the angry perm—has some real nerve. For years the Left has been lying and smearing about the Right and the Right has just sat there and taken it time and again. The Tea Party was called racist, sexist, homophobe [sic] without any evidence to support any of that. Just this week Old School Lefty, Senator Tom Harkin, called anybody who opposed raising the debt ceiling and spending and borrowing more money as [air quotes] The Cult Fringe. And, just a couple of weeks ago the Democrats put out a formal, official ad showing the Republicans rolling grandma off a cliff in a wheelchair. Republicans have sat back and taken it. And—

AT: Can we get a shot of Bob?

[Bob Beckel has been grimacing the entire time]

MC: And you know what? Congressman West has said—

GG: We’ve been seeing Bob.

MC: Congressman West has said, “No more” and finally the Republicans are standing up for themselves and I say, “Good for them.”

Let’s leave out the fact that nothing Crowley said is pertinent to the discussion of West’s attack on Wasserman-Schultz. Let’s also ignore the fact that Crowley is lying about the “grandma in a wheelchair” advert being from a “couple of weeks ago,” when it’s more than a year old. Heck, let’s even ignore Crowley’s lying defense of Teabaggers, some of whom were photographed at rallies clearly and proudly showing racist and sexist signs. We will even ignore her canard that the Left is lying and smearing the Right and the Right has been sitting back and taking it. And, for good measure, we’ll even ignore Crowley’s characterization of DWS as “she of the angry perm” to the direct question of whether this was gender discrimination, when a remark like that would NEVER be made about a male politician and is clearly gender discrimination, even when said by a woman like Crowley. Of course, this means we are ignoring everything Crowley actually said, which is only fitting and proper. However, it’s more important to stick to the actual question Tanteros pointedly asked: Is this gender discrimination?

You know damned well if this were a Republican woman being attacked like this, Crowley would be all over it claiming it was sexist and definitely gender discrimin—

What’s that? You don’t say? You mean, just last week Crowley was defending Michele Bachmann against sexist attacks? Gee, I wonder what News Hounds’ Priscilla had to say about that?

The ever partisan Martha MacCallum and Monica Crowley were just oh, so upset about how conservative women are treated (never mind Fox's Sean Hannity's attack on Hillary Clinton via "the Clinton chapters" and the vile things said about Nancy Pelosi by guys like Glenn Beck) they presented Ms. Bachmann as worthy of sainthood Once again the wise words of Jon Stewart, regarding how Fox News specializes in conservative victimhood come to mind. It's ironic, Ellison was chastised for saying that Bachmann wants women to be pregnant and in the kitchen. Fox's Brian Kilmeade once asked Gretchen Carlson "didn't men give you the kitchen?" Once again, the word hypocrisy comes to mind.


MacCallum said that "if she isn't a strong and powerful woman, I don't know who is." Crowley responded that Bachmann is a "hugely accomplished woman as was Sarah Palin." She just couldn't understand where Ellison is coming from except to say that Ellison is "a far left guy" and that liberals see women like Bachmann and as "an existential threat." She praised conservative women as living their lives according to conservative principals of being pro-life, pro-gun while seeking to make American policy based on those principals.


Crowley claimed that without the gender gap, which has advantaged Democrats, Democrats know that they have to "come out against Michelle Bachmann and other conservative women. (Awww) The whine fest continued. Crowley said that "they will go after anything and everything to take down conservative women in order to try to undermine them and destroy their credibility before they can gain this type of traction with women voters". They gushed over how good Sarah Palin looked on the cover of Newsweek. (Palin, who once castigated Newsweek as "sexist," posed for the pic) MacCallum was effusive in her thanks to Crowley.

The word “hypocrite” was invented for people like Monica Crowley.

One last delightful irony: Not only is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz my Congressional Rep, but she’s also Allen West’s rep too, because he happens to live in my district, not his own.