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On Hannity: Bill Cunningham Claims Bill Maher Is Sexist While Lying About GOP Sexual Harassment

Reported by Priscilla - July 22, 2011 -

While the right wing loves the First Amendment when it comes to protecting the rights of Christians, they have a problem with those whose views don't dovetail with the orthodoxy of the right wing. Fox News, the mouthpiece for the right wing, is a "news" network that claims to be "fair & balanced." Bill Maher is a comedian who makes no claims to be anything other than what he is - an irreverent satirist. But Fox News doesn't like irreverent satirists whose politics lean left and who joke about conservative women. On the other hand, they have no problem with the Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller "joking" about Nancy Pelosi's botox. Fox does have a problem with Bill Maher, who commits the ultimate sin of making fun of the sainted Madonnas of right wing politics, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Last Friday, two comics on his show made went rather "blue" in their commentary about St. Michele (and Rick Santorum, too) And for that, Sean Hannity has gone full tilt boogie in his effort to trash Maher and promote "conservative victimhood" which is, as Jon Stewart, says the "true genius" of Fox News. As part of Hannity's attack on Maher and NOW (which hasn't condemned Maher's Fox defined sexism), he enlisted hate radio host Bill Cunningham. If Fox viewers are uninformed, Cunningham provides us with a reason why. But it's ironic - his comments regarding liberal women and a sexual abuse scandal exemplify the very sexism that Maher is supposedly guilty of. Meanwhile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz continues to be attacked by Fox News which presents itself as "real journalism" although they are a joke!

First, a little background on Bill Cunningham. He's a bigot and a liar. In introducing candidate John McCain, at an Ohio rally, he referred to Barack Mohammed Hussein Obama. As we know, Mohammed is not part of Obama's name. Cunningham then advanced the lie that Obama was educated at madrassas. An embarassed McCain said he did not authorize these comments which Hannity defended. He accused Obama of being a Bolshevik and said that the goal of Islam is "to have sex with children for eternity." He even invoked the "666" (a belief by radical Christians, like John Hagee, that the "anti-Christ" will require this number to be tattooed on his follower's heads) when attacking Obama. He has said that poor people lack values. We're not exactly talking rationality here; but Hannity thinks he's a "great American." And that makes it even more ironic that this racist bigot is complaining about Bill Maher's "sexism" and NOW's supposed complicity. Excuse me?

On Wednesday, the third night of Hannity's attacks on Maher, Hannity played the section of "Real Time" during which the sexual comments were made. Hannity played NOW's criticism of Maher's guests. That wasn't good enough for Hannity whose reference to Maher's past comments seemed to infer that NOW was giving Maher a free pass. During the Maher discussion, Bill Cunningham said, "Remember a few years ago, senator Bob Packwood allegedly tapped a female staffer on the behind. the democratic women and NOW gang marched up the steps of the Senate to haul Bob packwood out of office."

Stop right there. Cunningham is lying. GOP Senator Bob Packwood, who incidentally was a supporter of abortion rights and had been supported by women's groups, was accused of doing lots more than just "tapping a female staffer on the behind." Packwood was accused, by 29 congressional aides and interns, of sexual misconduct which included groping, forced kissing, and propositioning sex. The Senate Ethics Committee found evidence which supported 17 of these claims in addition and held him accountable for using his influence to secure a job for his wife. During the investigation, his diary was found to have been edited. 10,000 documents were released during the investigation.

Cunningham then went on to castigate feminists for not condemning Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky (consensual sex) and not going after Bill Maher.

Comment: So Bill Maher's humor is worse than GOP Senator's sexual harassment which, according to the noxious Bill Cunningham, was just a bogus complaint by one silly woman. And they think that Bill Maher is sexist! Puleeze!

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