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Is Brian Kilmeade The Stupidest Man On Fox News Or Just A Right Wing Shill?

Reported by Aunty Em - July 22, 2011 -

It’s an open question. The Fox and Friends brain (Brian?) trust has been known to say some monumentally stupid things on Fox “News,” occasionally when he’s adlibbing off the teleprompter. He’s also been known to say some monumentally stupid things that dovetail nicely with the Right Wing meme du jour. These appear to be scripted. It doesn’t take long, looking through the News Hounds, to find examples of both. Like the time he mocked Planned Parenthood or when he (accidentally on purpose?) reversed the results of a poll showing Americans favored collective bargaining. Then there was the time he validated the claim that there’s an “anchor baby” invasion. For agitprop there was the time he attacked Mennonites for being un-American. For sheer stupidity, insensitivity, and racism, there was the time he wondered why a Spanish language station would give American temperatures. Or, how about the time he said that all terrorists are Muslim and abortion clinic bombers are not terrorists? And, that’s just a cursory glance at the News Hounds Brian Kilmeade archives. Those cited above could simply be put down to a lack of intelligence, if it weren’t for one thing: they also tend to repeat the Right Wing talking points floating around. Yesterday Brain Brian gave us a dandy little two-fer.

Fox & Friends was doing the story of a Boy Scout leader who was arrested in the Bahamas because he—accidentally—tried to bring a bullet through Customs in his fanny pack on his way back to the Yew Ess Eh. During the discussion, after the Three Stooges wondered whether a 4-day jail sentence seems a little severe, Kilmeade blurted out, “It does. Especially in the Bahamas where I hear—I understand the accommodations aren’t like Gitmo, which I hear are sterling.” He’s clearly off-script and Alysin Camerota’s reaction is beautiful. She turns her head away, says “Hmm,” and smiles a little smile, but it sure looks like she is suppressing a snort. Then Brian goes even farther off-script to whine that fanny packs aren’t cool and he wishes they’d come back into fashion. Watch:

Video courtesy Media Matters

The second example was clearly and obviously scripted. Here’s how Alysin and Brian opened a segment on the Debt Crisis:

AC: Republicans have now passed their “cut, cap, and balance” deficit rediction plan, but Senate democrats are sill pushing for tax increases as a way to solve the debt crisis.

BK: Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is a nurse who ran for office to fight big government’s takeover of Health care, which has happened. And, she’s joining is now from Washington, D.C.


Video courtesy Media Matters

Another reason you know this was scripted is because Ellmers, from North Carolina, recently revived the “death panels” lie about the Affordable Health Care Act, one of the Fox “News” Channel’s favorite bogus talking points.

So, the question stands: Is Brian Kilmeade The Stupidest Man On Fox News Or Just A Right Wing Shill?