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Varney Complains Democrat’s Objections To Cuts In Border Security, Food Inspection And Research Are “Picky”

Reported by Guest Blogger - July 21, 2011 -

By Brian

On yesterday’s Your World, Rep. Jason Altmire, a Blue Dog Democrat from Pennsylvania, spoke about his vote against the Republicans’ cut, cap, and balance proposal. He told guest host Stuart Varney, "I thought that the cuts to border security, to food inspection, to infrastructure, to scientific and medical research, I thought that those are investments we need to continue to make."

I rarely say a question is dumb, but Varney replied with a dumb question. "Don't you think that maybe your objections to those limited areas were a little picky?"

Altmire answered,"In normal times, maybe the circumstances would've been different." He pointed out that the bill had “no chance” of passing anyway.

Unable to “get” Altmire, Varney went after Obama. "I always understood that leadership was out front. You get out there, you lead, other people follow your plan, but there is no plan. How can the President be leading with no plan?" As Varney ought to know, the President has a plan. You can see it on the White House website.

Altmire responded by noting that the budget starts with the "House of Representatives… That’s where the plan has to start. That’s what's in the Constitution."

So Varney said the President should "prod, push, and propose."

Altmire called that "an unfair criticism.” He added, “How many press conferences has he had over the past two weeks?"

Varney interrupted. "I don’t know what the plan is. I do not know what the President's plan is, period." Comment: The link is above.

Altmire also pointed out that neither he nor Varney were in the Congressional meetings.

Comment: Rep. Altmire did a good job responding to Varney’s omissions and willful ignorance.

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