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Fox News And Greta Van Susteren Pimp Arizona’s Border Fence Fundraiser

Reported by Ellen - July 21, 2011 -

It wasn’t enough that Greta Van Susteren offered rather friendly commentary about Arizona legislators’ latest plan to combat illegal immigration - a fundraising website for a border fence - she and the Fox News producers made sure to let their viewers know how they could contribute.

Van Susteren began the segment by announcing that many Arizona residents “have had it” with the Obama administration because they felt “they got absolutely nothing” in the way of help with illegal immigration. Since the state’s controversial law has hit a legal roadblock, legislators now have a “Plan B,” as Van Susteren put it. That’s a website, owned by the State of Arizona, to raise funds to put up a border fence. Her reporter guest later pointed out that even if the money got raised, the property owners, including a transnational Native tribe, might well present a problem for the fence initiative. Somehow, that important bit of information never made it to the banners on the screen.

Shortly after guest Howard Fischer began discussing the website, Van Susteren asked, “What’s the website called?” As she spoke, the website’s URL appeared on the screen and stayed there for quite some time. Right before that, a banner on the screen hinted, “private donors help Arizona build fence at Mexico border.” The banner with the URL also included the words, “begins accepting donations.” The next banner read, “AZ Border fence donations site has taken in almost $40K today.”

As the segment closed, Van Susteren said cheerfully, “I must admit that Arizona has not given up on this one, it’s pretty obvious.”

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