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Laura Ingraham Attacks NBC, Chris Brown and Ke$ha

Reported by Priscilla - July 20, 2011 -

Chris Brown is a talented singer, song writer, dancer, and actor. Although he has had some past personal problems, he is moving on with his life. But that's not good enough for the not very talented right wing mouthpiece, Laura Ingraham whose Catholicism doesn't seem to embrace the idea of redemption but rather, in the spirit of my Catholic school nuns, a lifetime of punishment. There have been some notorious right wing bad boys (Mel Gibson, Newt Gingrich, John Ensign, Bill O'Reilly - to name a few) but Sister Mary Laura doesn't seem to have a problem with them. But she does have a problem with Chris Brown and, to make sure that she's fair & balanced, the rock star Ke$ha whose only offense seems to be what Sister Mary Laura thinks are dirty lyrics. Last week, while subbing for Bill O'Reilly (whose dirty phone talk was quite salacious), she attacked NBC for hosting a free outdoor Chris Brown concert. She used that as a sounding board for her feelings about how today's celebrety songsters and song lyrics are debasing to women and an example of "cultural rot." While some of the comments made during the discussion were valid, the segment was really just another Ingraham attack. One hopes that Sister Mary Laura (who wasn't wearing her perfunctory cross bling) doesn't have stuff like the Stones "Let's Spend the Night Together" or CSNY's "Love the One You're With" on her I-Pod.

Ingraham started the segment by pimping her new book in which she "satirizes" and "exposes" the "cultural rot that's eating away at American society." She then referenced Charlie Sheen, Eminem, and Ke$ha, whom she described as a "dubious new musical sensation" who is "raking in millions." (Free market, baby). While she said that she was "proven right," a picture of Chris Brown, with the caption "rewarding bad behavior," was behind her. She mentioned how "sane" Americans where disgusted by his domestic assault guilty plea; but "that didn't stop him from getting top billing on the today show." She didn't mention that Rihanna has requested that the restraining order against Brown be lifted. After a brief video clip of Brown singing on Rockefeller Plaza ("that's actually singing?") she played another video of her producer asking African-American young women what they thought of Brown's assault on Rihanna and if they were "rewarding bad behavior." The featured clips were of women who didn't have a problem with Brown, two of whom blamed Rihanna . (One wonders how many others, who were critical of Brown, weren't shown).

After Ingraham brayed about how despite Brown's use of degrading, misogynistic words, he's "treated like royalty" on the Today Show. Jehmu Greene said the video was "sad" and that his egotism gives "millenial celebreties" a bad name. She noted that his narcissism gets in the way of his realization that he needed to be held accountable. She also noted that the black entertainment complex doesn't hold him accountable. To show that she's not racist, Ingraham said "how bout the white entertainment complex" and then trashed NBC for hosting him and "that's why I wrote this book." Cooper Lawrence, who wrote "The Cult of Celebrity" talked about how fans have "blind faith" in their celebrities. Greene commented that Brown perpetuates a negative stereotype of blacks. Ingraham read some Brown lyrics with words she couldn't say and ranted some more.

Ingraham moved on to her next subject, rock star Ke$ha. And that's where we entered Laura's bizarro world. She said "Her (Ke$ha) song “Blow” and “Sleazy” basically invites men into his trailer and takes picture of their private parts and then post them on the wall of her trailer as little photographic trophies. Young women listening to this, this is your culture. How is this empowering?” (WTF? I read the lyrics to both songs and there was nothing about penis photos!). That Ke$ha does songs without drug and alcohol references wasn't noted by the righteous Ingraham who continued to rant about Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" song and how "the f word is in every song." She mentioned Enrique Iglesias "I want to blank you tonight" song. (Actually, the title is "Tonight I'm Fucking You.") She continued to rant about how society says this is "self actualizing" while at the same time teens are depressed and commit suicide. Greene said that youthful celebrity bad behavior shouldn't be used to denigrate the entire generation. In closing Ingraham said that young people know Ke$ha's "filthy" lyrics while not knowing the name of the recent Medal of Honor recipient.

Comment: While the issue of the cult of celebrity is relevant (and yes, I love Lady Gaga and Jersey Shore), this got lost in Ingraham's rant about something that's not all that relevant given the state of the economy and a war that we're not winning. And while there are lyrics that are very degrading to women, the causes for societal dysfunction are far more complex than what Chris Brown and Ke$ha are singing about. Teen suicides are related to bullying - some of it coming from right wing Christian homophobes who probably don't listen to the artists cited by Ingraham. Ingraham talks about empowering women yet she advocates the elimination of Planned Parenthood - an organization that empowers women by allowing them access to reproductive freedom. And that's the real definition of "sleazy." If we're talking "rot" what's more culturally corrosive - offensive song lyrics or Fox News?

And as far as Laura Ingraham - Cee-Lo Green's song title says it all!

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