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Fox & Friends Still Milking "Sexualized" Breast Feeding Doll

Reported by Priscilla - July 20, 2011 -

Forget the debt ceiling. Who cares about the unemployment rate. There's a crisis of far greater magnitude that threatens to cause irreparable damage to young girls across this great nation. And who better to expose this pernicious threat than "America's Newsroom," Fox News. Earlier this week Fox & Friends introduced American audiences to this clear and present danger - a doll that mimics breastfeeding when held by a girl who is a wearing a breast feeding haltertop bra. While you may think it's rather benign, think again. Two of Fox's male physicians are warning us that the real deal here is to "sexualize" young girls. While Dr. Manny Alvarez said that the doll was "inappropriate" in an article about it on the Fox News website (his second), Dr. Keith Ablow provided his not so expert medical commentary on Fox & Friends. As Aunty Em reported, Ablow was just so upset about this that he kept reminding folks that he wasn't a pedophile. Ablow, who earlier this year informed us that children will be need a lifetime of therapy if boys don't play with guns and girls don't play with dolls, blithered about how these dolls sexualize girls. And today's Fox & Friends continued this vaguely discomforting male, conservative "sexualization" meme in an interview with a right wing male talk show host who said - wait for it - that the doll "sexualizes" girls. So lessee, regular baby dolls are OK; but breast feeding baby dolls aren't. Is this some kind of weird right wing guy thing?

Camerota began by noting that they had received a lot of e-mail regarding the aforementioned Ablow et al. segment. After introducing her guest, TJ McCormack, a right wing radio host, she said that opinion was divided on the doll. To her question of whether this was harmless or sexualizing children McCormack said - are ya ready for it - that it "sexualizes children" as it represents a "hyper maturation" and that children should have a chance to "be children." Camerota then went right to the heart of the matter when she cited Ablow's past appearance and then asked if "it's only the men who think that this is sexualizing children." She noted that before Playboy, breasts were used to feed babies and asked why "it's sexual when children mimic their mothers." When McCormack said that people on his Twitter are accusing him of having an issue, Camerota said "maybe you are." He then talked about the "role" of a little girl. (Again, little girls have always had baby dolls that prepare them for what the right wing say is a natural role as mothers - a function that they would mandate for all pregnant women!) After he said that his daughter doesn't breast feed her dolls, Camerota said that was because she hasn't seen her mother do it. She added because her children saw her breastfeeding their sibling, they now breast feed their dolls. McCormack mentioned that his wife is pregnant and when his daughter sees her mother breastfeeding, she will mimic it; but that will be a "natural progression." (Camerota was like "excuse me?") He blithered about "foisting" it on children.

At this point, it got a wee bit kinky. McCormack claimed that there was a "creep factor" because the bra accessory comes with "de-facto nipples" and "this company knows that they're doing something a little creepy because they're not nipples, they're flowers..." (Like those "pasties" at the "titty bar," TJ?) Camerota adroitly compared his argument to saying that if you give a girl a baby doll, it encourages pregnancy. He continued to blither about overload of information humana, humana, "They'll grow into it. Why do we have to instill it pro-actively?"

Comment: Wow. Just Wow. Talk about a "creep factor." Are right wing guys that obsessed about breasts that they think breast feeding is "sexual?" It’s interesting that right wing guys are focusing on sexualization; as it seems to underscore a conservative male fear of sexualized females (Think Gaga and Madonna). That fear is really demonstrated in the hatred of Planned Parenthood and their attempts to deny women abortion and birth control because, as we in the pro-choice movement believe, they fear independent, sexual women who have the same sexual freedom as men. But let's talk about TJ. He was interviewed on an internet news show, in February, about the House GOP proposal to deny Medicaid abortions to women who were raped unless they could prove it was forcible. That would have meant that women who were raped while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and mentally incompetent women would not have access to Medicaid funding. McCormack not only supported it, he actually suggested that women who are raped shouldn’t have abortions because that creates another victim. Again, talk about "creep factor." But Camerota was great. As I've often said, she is one of the most professional and one of the least partisan of Fox News hosts. Meanwhile, Ablow, McCormack, and Alvarez might not have breasts; but they're a bunch of boobs!

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