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Bill O’Reilly Spins And Tries To Diminish The News Corp. Phone Hacking Scandal

Reported by Ellen - July 20, 2011 -

Bill O’Reilly jumped on board Fox News News Corporation spin machine last night (7/19/11) where he must have been too dizzy to keep “looking out for the folks.” Instead, he threw off any concerns that 9/11 victims may have been hacked and tried to paint the entire phone hacking scandal as some kind of liberal-media plot over something not worth much American attention.

The two-part segment began with an interview with Fox News reporter Amy Kellogg. O’Reilly’s first question was, “Do the folks over there, the folks, the regular people, do they care about this?”

“I don’t think there’s a simple answer to that,” Kellogg answered.

Actually, there is a simple answer: Yes. Prime Minister David Cameron wouldn’t cut short his trip to Africa nor would the top two officials at Scotland Yard resign over a scandal “the folks” didn’t care about.

Then, for “some analysis,” O’Reilly brought on Dr. Nile Gardiner, from the conservative Heritage Foundation. O’Reilly forgot to mention that Gardiner is author of a book published by News Corporation’s HarperCollins and has published articles in various other News Corp. publications such as The Wall Street Journal.

O’Reilly began with Gardiner by saying that “In the United States, there isn’t any intrusion of this story thus far.” No, no intrusion beyond the fact that all the cable news channels including Fox News - covered the Murdochs’ testimony before Parliament yesterday.

O’Reilly went on to suggest that the story was being driven by News Corp. enemies, especially the “vicious stuff” in the “front page, front page, column, column, column” at The New York Times. “And it’s all ideological, is it not?”

Gardiner, not surprisingly agreed. “I think we are seeing a witch hunt against News Corporation in the United States.”

“Looking out for the folks” O’Reilly waved off a potential investigation into whether 9/11 victims had been hacked by saying that if it had occurred, it would have happened by London-based News of the World, not an American company.

Gardiner said, “There’s not a shred of evidence whatsoever that the U.S. side of News Corporation has been involved in any of these scandals.”

Well, except for the fact that one of the players in the London scandal, Les Hinton, just resigned from his position as head of the American company, Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, because of his role in the scandal.

See my posts here and here for other reasons to be concerned that hacking is not limited to just one rogue company in the U.K.

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