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Fr. Jonathan Morris Blesses TX Prayer Rally And Confuses Constitution With Declaration of Independence

Reported by Priscilla - July 19, 2011 -

Fox News has given its blessing to the prayer rally that Rick Perry is, as Texas Governor, publicizing. On Sunday's Fox & Friends, Molly Line provided a nice affirmation for the rally that is being funded and hosted by SPLC designated hate group, the American Family Association - something that she didn't mention. And during his weekly Fox & Friends Sunday sermonette, Fox's hired Catholic priest, Father Jonathan Morris, also gave his blessing without noting the hate group connection to this rally which is endorsed by millionaire, Dominionist preacher John Hagee who once referred to the Catholic Church as the "whore of Babylon." But all seems to be forgiven now that the religious right provides a powerful ally for the Catholic Church in its taxpayer supported crusade against gay marriage and women's reproductive rights. Given that the religious right are overwhelmingly conservative Republicans, Fox News has become their media mouthpiece. Given that the religious right and the Catholic Church are friends with benefits (metaphorically speaking), it's not surprising that Fox News provides a pulpit for a Catholic priest to push the agenda for his friends on the religious right. The presence of Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris is one of the most clever uses of propaganda on Fox "News" as he speaks to a demographic that were taught and firmly believe that if holy "father" says something, it must be true - even if it is, as demonstrated by Father Morrison, not quite the truth. But Fox News' Catholic priest would never deliberately lie, right?

On Sunday morning's Fox & Friends, Molly Line enthusiastically promoted Perry's rally. As Perry is using his office to promote the rally, a number of Christian and atheist groups are objecting. On another Fox & Friends segment, Father Jonathan Morris provided more enthusiastic promotion. As the chyron read "Freedom of Religion, Gov. Perry Sued for Hosting Prayer Event," Clayton Morris reported that Perry was "under fire for hosting a day of prayer." He then played a video of Perry, in the taxpayer funded governor's office, talkin' bout needin' prayer "more than ever." Sweet lil Christian Ainsley Earhardt peddled the misinformation (cuz Christians can't lie) that the rally was non-denominational and apolitical. Fact Check - the rally is for Christians only and is being endorsed by radical, very political Christians. (Right Wing Watch has detailed reporting). She continued that the "potential Presidential candidate" is being sued by an atheist group which claims that this is a violation of the First Amendment. Enter stage right, the conservative Catholic drama queen, Father Jonathan Morris who loves to pimp that government prayer. Morris said that he was tired because he drove all night from Ohio but he got to Mass on time. Earhardt said that he was "amazing." (Last week, the little padre was interviewed by Fox Business while he was enjoying some golf in San Diego - such a tough life!)

Without providing any relevant background, Earhardt asked "what is so wrong about a politician wanting to pray." Fr. Morris could have mentioned the nexus between the Christian haters and the rally but he didn't. Instead he "explained" the First Amendment which states that there be no establishment of one religion over another and how there is a long tradition of the president declaring a national day of prayer. He used dramatic gestures as he referenced Lincoln's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation.He noted that we "need to be careful about establishing one religion over another but praying? We need it." (Hey padre, the prayer is exclusively Christian). Clayton Morris, who obviously hasn't read up on the rally didn't "get the outrage." Fr. Morris said "they love press" (Oh, sweetie and you don't!) Fr. Morris claimed that "these militant atheists" want "a society where there is no public expression of religion." (As opposed to you and Fox News who want to shove it down the public's throat at every opportunity.) Clayton claimed that there are no tax dollars involved. (So the governor's office, from whence this is publicized isn't taxpayer funded?) Airhead (whoops Earhardt) said it's a "private event" (right, hosted by a hate group) and "he's saying that anyone of any faith is welcome." Fr. Morris said "that's right." Is Earhardt just stupid or is she a liar? The fact is that only Christians have been invited. Last I heard, Jews and Muslims have "faith" traditions. Morris claimed that "the Constitution itself" supports a tradition of prayer." He then read from what he claimed was in "towards the end of the Constitution." What he *read, however, was from the Declaration of Independence. (Hey Padre, the Constitution doesn't mention "god.") He concluded by saying that Perry is right about "how we need to get down on our knees to ask God for help." His Fox parishioners said that was "a good note to end on."

Comment: So Fox's hired Catholic priest supports a rally that's endorsed by hateful homophobic and anti-Islamic zealots who think that the Statue of Liberty is a French demonic idol? But the word is out on Father Jonathan's Facebook and his fans are standing by Rick Perry and thanking God for Father Morris. so it's all good. Oh, praise Jesus, Fox New and the Constitution. Or is it the Declaration of Independence?

*What he read: "We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intention" and "with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor"

Declaration of Independence


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