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Molly Line Pimps GOP Texas Gov. Perry's Prayer Rally

Reported by Priscilla - July 18, 2011 -

Republican Governor Rick Perry must be a very good Christian. We know that because a) he wears it on his sleeve (part of the evangelical couture) and b) he is using his office to publicize an exclusively Christian prayer rally, "The Response," which is "intended to bring together people to address the nation’s “state of crisis” through Christian prayer." Perry appears on a promotional video for this event which is being funded and hosted by the SPLC designated hate group, The American Family Association. Speaking at the rally will be right wing Jesus BFF's who believe stuff like tolerance for gays caused 9-11, Oprah Winfrey is the "harbinger of the Antichrist," the Japanese earthquake was caused by the the Emperor having sex with a demon, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell caused Arkansas bird deaths, and that the Statue of Liberty is a French demonic idol. So let the word go forth and Fox News, as the mouthpiece for the Christian right, did just that yesterday as part of a "fair & balanced" discussion about the event during which Fox's Molly line provided no counterpoint - but rather, the requisite "amen" corner.

Line's guests were Hiram Sasser, whose 501 (3) (C) Liberty Institute uses your tax money to fight for causes near and dear to the hearts of prayerful, pro-life, and homophobic Christians and David Silverman of the American Atheists who will be protesting at the rally against which the Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed suit claiming that Perry's taxpayer advocacy is a First Amendment violation. Sasser referenced how the rally "isn't that unusual" and that American leaders have historically held prayer events. Line said that the rally is expected to bring thousands of people and asked Silverman "what's the problem." He responded that Perry's government funded publicity will help bring money into Christian churches and that the rally is being used to distract people from the real problems in Texas which Perry hasn't been able to handle. Line then provided Roger Ailes' Christian propaganda message for the day. Wait for it -

"You couldn't concede that this is possibly a genuine attempt to reach out to God to help solve America's problems." When Silverman said that this is an attempt, by Perry, to cover his "incompetent butt," Line made Jesus (and Roger Ailes) even happier. Ready for it -

What is the problem inviting people to this event? People aren't being forced to attend. There is freedom of religion. There is freedom of speech."

Silverman said that Perry doesn't have the right to use his office to push a prayer event for a church. Sasser commented that this is just like the National Day of Prayer and asked why such a popular event a bad thing. Line then provided the date, time, and place for the event.

Comment: Line is officially a Fox "opinion" person so I guess that she gets a pass on her abysmal "reporting" and line of questions. She didn't mention the event's connection to the SPLC homophobic (gays should be executed), anti-Muslim (communities should ban mosques), extremist Christian hate group, the American Family Council. She didn't mention that other Christian groups like the ecumenical Houston Clergy Council assert that Perry's promotion of the event is "inappropriate." She didn't mention that a Baptist preacher said, re Perry, that "I think the people of Texas elected him to be the governor of the state, not the pastor of the state." She didn't mention that another group with ties to this event, The International House of Prayer, believes that Jews must convert to Christianity. She didn't mention that the list of "Response" endorsers reads like a who's who of extremist Christianity. There are no liberal Protestants but there is, interestingly, a Jesuit Roman Catholic priest (they like to cover all their bases.) But who cares about extremist Christianity being promoted from a governor's office. He and Fox News are doing the Lord's work.

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