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Fox News Attacks FBI Investigation Into News Corp. Hacking Of 9/11 Victims As Anti-Fox Bias

Reported by Ellen - July 17, 2011 -

Fox News’ super sensitivity to 9/11 victims’ feelings has been thrown out the window now that there are allegations that another media arm of parent News Corp. may have illegally hacked into their phones. Instead of wondering whether or not that really happened and to whom, most of the Fox News Watch panel yesterday (7/16/11) was busy promoting their own victimhood and pre-emptively discrediting any federal investigation as a product of anti-Fox News bias in the Obama administration. Classy!

The discussion started with a news report of supposed proof that the White House has an anti-Fox agenda – and never mind that the report concluded with a quote from a Fox News executive saying that the acrimony was in the past. I suppose it would have been too much to ask for Fox’s media-critique show to consider whether there’s any bias against the White House by Fox.

In fact, some of what could be seen as anti-Obama bias was right there on the set as panelist Jim Pinkerton channeled Glenn Beck and called former White House advisor Anita Dunn a “Maoist.” He later said, “If we see the Justice Department or the FBI moving against Fox or the News Corporation, then we’ll know that this spirit (of bias against Fox) is still true inside the White House.”

Panelist Alan Colmes voiced an objection to calling Dunn a Maoist but the irony of Pinkerton's comment seemed to completely escape host Jon Scott. Instead, a banner on the screen read:


Colmes objected to the basic premise of the argument. “You just tied whether or not there might be culpability and malfeasance by this corporation – and whether the FBI pursues it to… some kind of White House vendetta.”

Pinkerton said, “Here’s what I do know – is that in the past, White Houses and administrations have used the power of the Justice Department to crush their enemies.”

Judith Miller, supposedly another liberal on the panel, chimed in to say, “Every White House has done it.”

Of course, Republican Congressman Peter King is also calling for an investigation - which Colmes mentioned in another segment.

Funny how host Scott didn't seem to think of it, himself.

Video below via Crooks and Liars.

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