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Has The Five’s Greg Gutfeld Been Infected By The Gay Agenda?

Reported by Aunty Em - July 16, 2011 -

Props where they are due. After yesterday’s (and previous) rips of Greg Gutfeld, it’s only fair to mention the one time (so far) that Gutfeld was actually decent, and not the smug and unfunny frat boy he usually plays on television. Nominally, the argument (and that’s all it ever is on that show: one big, long, never-ending, interminable, non-stop argument) was a Tanteros device to give Michele Bachmann some patented Fox News cover for her husband’s whackadoodlePray Away The Gay” therapy clinic. Tantaros is shocked—shocked, I tells ya!!!—that someone might take a hidden camera undercover to embarrass the candidate’s spouse and, therefore, the candidate herself (like Michele Bachmann needs anyone’s help in that area). The Fox News chyron read 2012 SPOUSES: FAIR GAME? As Tanteros intoned portentously, “This is what the left is doing now. It is trying to take this jobs economy [campaign issue] and turn it into an issue about Gay Marriage.”

Andrea, hold the phone. Does the name James O’Keefe, III ring a bell Andrea? You’re concerned about a hidden camera?

Watch The Five pile crazy on top of crazy until Greg Gutfeld—now I’m getting ahead of myself. Just watch while I annotate the rest of this 1 minute 46 second conversation:

First up, Beckel makes a good point, for a change—too bad the show is still stacked four against one. And then Beckel makes a terrible point, proving he doesn’t understand the issue and does only the barest research, with no facts at hand. “Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. [There's an open debate whether there were 8 or 9 utterances of the word "wait".] How, how, how many shows have I gone on Fox in the last year where I’ve seen the same underground movie by these punks trying to catch ACORN on a prostitute thing, so I don’t but into that.” [Gutfeld is laughing]. Tanteros interjects, “Oh, I do.”

Then Bolling jumps in to prove he can always be counted on to spout a discredited fact, or out-and-out falsehood. “Bob. They were catching ACORN doing illegal things. This undercover video is just a hit piece [on Bachmann], trying to get him to say something—[crosstalk]

BB: Oh ACORN couldn’t organize a two car funeral, let alone do something illegal.

AT: Bob. Bob.

BB: Let’s not talk over here. [sic] Let somebody make my point. [sic] My point was gonna be that I think you haveta—when I was running campaigns I always said, “The spouse is off limits.” And, for two reasons. First: It’s the right thing to do. And, secondly: it’s dangerous to get into that because it’s gonna come back to bite you. Anyone who decides to bring a spouse in, unless it’s an illegal activity, is doing a stupid campaign thing.

And normally Beckel would be right because normally, in any normal campaign, with any normal campaign issue, that pops up in the normal course of a party platform, or the normal qualifications or normal utterances of normal people who happen to be spouses of normal candidates, this certainly wouldn’t and shouldn’t be an issue, normally of course. But, Bob Beckel!!! You give your head a shake this minute. There’s nothing normal about “Praying Away The Gay.” It’s Whack-a-Doodleland, Beckel, and hurtful and hateful to a pretty large segment of the population, not just those who identify as LGBT. How much of what that Whackadoodle believes, does Michele Bachmann believe? It’s a valid question. And even Gutfeld, not the brightest incandescent light bulb on that show, schools Beckel on something he should have known instinctively:

GG: But, here’s here’s, you gotta make an exception here because the business that he’s in is interesting. When people, when they hear about an organization that unGays people, that unGays Gays, you want to know about it. Yannow, as a guy who knows a lot of Gay people, I can’t unGay them. The same way that they can’t unstraight me. So I’m curious—

BB: I’m glad you made that last comment.

GG: People have tried to unstraight me, usually at bars downtown. Never works. But I wanna know. I wanna know about this stuff. It’s more a curious than what other spouses are doing. [sic]

So, there it is. Greg Gutfeld stepped up to the plate and defended putting Michele Bachmann’s and her husband’s Whackadoodle beliefs on the table. For once Gutfeld didn’t say something that was either cruel, or smarmy, or sexist, or foolish, or simply unfunny. However, there’s always next week. This is still a terrible show and a sorry excuse on which to waste a valuable hour of television time, not to mention mine.