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The Five At Five: Mosques on the Hudson

Reported by Aunty Em - July 15, 2011 -

Caught up with The Five again yesterday and I have to admit my editor Ellen is right: It’s The View, with testosterone. I’d add: the rotating hosts are like a barnstorming Minor League Team, all hoping to one day appear in The Show—nothing fancy, of course, but something with their name in the title. I don’t know what turned my stomach the most about this segment, the fact that no one stuck up for the rights of Muslims to build whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted, unconditionally; or the dinnertime discussion of bone fragments scattered from here, to here, to here.

[Just so you don’t the idea that I’m some kind of delicate flower: I’ve worked in a newsroom as a ventriloquist, or my union designation: Newswriter. I wrote the words that came out of the mouths of the meat puppets. Part of my job description was to view all incoming footage to determine that which could not be showed on the air because it was too graphic. For a period of time one of my jobs was to come in at 4AM (regular starting time for the morning show) and look at all the footage that came in on the satellite overnight from Rwanda. There are images I’ll never get out of my head. I’ve seen several different sets of brain scattered on various highways—because videographers seem to think it’s a right of passage to shoot brains; framed beautifully, with carnage either in the foreground or background; experimenting with several ‘pull focus’ shots of in to out, and then back again—knowing full well it would never get on air because it was too graphic.]

Maybe it’s just that I’m preparing Pops’ dinner as I watch The Five. But this whole segment turned my stomach—and it’s certainly not JUST the talk of bone fragments that Eric Bolling sees fit to inject at 00:15 seconds into the introduction of his segment. Bolling wants to make sure you never think about this subject dispassionately. Watch:

EB:A New York court has paved the way for the Ground Zero Mosque to be built at the Word’s Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan. We all know this project has seen major pushback from families of 9/11 victims because they feel the Mosque lies on sacred ground. And who can blame them? [This really seemed to be one run-on sentence:] There are bone fragments from 3,000 innocent people there and there’s really no question that the Ground Zero Mosque is, in fact, a Victory Mosque—a victory by Al Qaeda over the ‘Merkin innocence—we woke up that September 12th realizing there are forces of evil, willing to go further than we ever could have imagined to kill us, and somehow, one of the biggest lessons that come out of this tragedy, is how tolerant we have to be of those who hate us. So, now groundbreaking is set to begin, but listen to what I found out from a group of construction workers when I asked them if they would work on that mosque. [Then he played tape from last August.]

Nothing slanted with that introduction, right? And, the discussion went downhill from there, believe it or not.

All of The Five (and Five what I am still trying to determine) were in basic agreement with the following paraphrased premise: “Oh sure those evil Muslims have the RIGHT to build whatever they want wherever they want, of course, because, ahem, this is ‘Merka, right? But, really, does it make sense there,of all places? And, they could move it to be sensitive to victims’ families, and all the other Right Wing Nut Jobs who have been beating this issue to death.” The only thing that differed, really, is how far to the right each of The Five was willing to go.

Bolling, naturally, was the farthest to the Right, with Tantaros a very close second. Perino sorta, kinda, tried to play nice as usual. But not before she brought up George W. Bush, unprompted, to tell us that he was the first to call for tolerance, according to Little Miss Sunshine, and Bush even visited a mosque. At that juncture it would have been delicious fun to ask how many terrorists might have been created around the world by Bush’s pre-emptive war in Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11? However, that moment was lost. Moments later Perino switched gears and said, “For the tolerance that they are seeking , and that they say they are seeking, the mosque builders, that they’d probably be better off building it somewhere else.” Huh?

The strongest anyone came out for religious freedom was Beckel, of course, but even he hedges and tries to have it both ways:

The idea that somehow we won’t allow, or we don’t want to have them build a mosque somewhere near Ground Zero—I agree it would be better, from a public relations standpoint be someplace else—but they have every right in the world to build it there and they should build there, if that’s the only place they can build. I don’t get it.” [emphasis added]

Yeah, because it’s just a PR problem. We may have learned what he doesn’t get, but he’s interrupted by Tantaros.

AT: This is bigger than public relations, Bob. I mean, look, they have a right to build it there, of course. We don’t want to tell religions where they can build their places of worship. My issue here is, though, that the Cordoba House says that it is doing this as, you said Dana, a bridge. It seems like a one-way bridge. They don’t care about the feelings—they know they are exacerbating them–and another thing, Eric: I want to know if this new Attorney General, Schneiderman in New York, is going to investigate. He said he will only investigate if there’s ties to terror. They go after other charities in New York. They went after Breast Cancer charities, and the fake nuns in Brooklyn—

EB: You mean go after their money? Find out where they’re [crosstalk]

AT: Just find out where it’s coming from. I mean,

EB: —being funded from—

AT: Wouldn’t it be better if they did go to the Cordoba House—which is broke by the way, so where are they getting their money?—and say “You know, what? We cleared it. It’s actually okay. Everyone relax. It’s not funded by terror sources.”

You’d think with everyone crawling up this organization’s nose for months now would have already accomplished that, but Fox News is not done scaremongering about those evil, dirty Muslims hiding behind every (possibly) terrorist dollar.

As always Greg Gutfeld was in Leftfeld, as he cuts off Tantaros to say:

GG: I’ve had some, I had some experience with the Cordoba House and I have to say, they come—they came off as a bunch of jerks. They really are. It’s kinda like the idea, that, of course it’s okay to do something, that’s your right, but there’s a taste question. I can sing show tunes in a crowded elevator, but I don’t. But I want to, bit I don’t. But I actually tweeted them and I told them that I was opening up a gay bar next door to their mosque and I was saying how happy they would be there, and I would be right next to them, and they, they scolded me for being—for not respecting their, uhh—[Conversation devolves into crosstalk and then more idiocy.]

Yes, that’s right, Greg Gutfeld, Mr. Tasteless, said it’s a question of taste. Just let that sink in for a while. Mr. Tasteless, who said he’d open a gay bar next to the mosque, said it’s a question of taste.

However, not a single one of them said: “It’s their absolute right to build this building and all this scare-mongering about Muslims is not healthy for the world, or ‘Merka.”

To repeat: This show makes me sick to my stomach.