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Is Fox News Finally Getting Ecumenical?

Reported by Priscilla - July 15, 2011 -

I've often commented that Fox News employs only one clergy person in the role of religious consultant as Catholic priest, Father Jonathan Morris gets to provide his religious perspective on the news on a number of different Fox shows including a weekly gig on the Sunday Fox & Friends. Well saints preserve us cuz it looks like there's a new padre in town and he's not wearing a "Roman" collar. And he's not from the church that made Rupert Murdoch a papal knight. In fact, he's from a church that broke with the papacy a long time ago. Earlier this week, Brian Kilmeade, on Fox & Friends, interviewed Episcopalian priest, Father Albert Cuti about (surprise, surprise) Charlie Rangel's question concerning what Jesus would do about the debt ceiling - a topic covered by Father Morris on Sunday's Fox & Friends. Kilmeade mentioned that Father Cuti will be hosting a talk show on a NY Fox affiliate. And yesterday, on America Live, Father Cuti provided some commentary about the issue of whether the state should take custody of overweight children. Father Cuti is a former Catholic priest who left the priesthood to marry the woman he loved. He subsequently was ordained in the Episcopal Church which has gay clergy (some of them married and some of them bishops) and is very liberal on social issues. My goodness, will Murdoch be stripped of his papal knighthood? This is interesting. Is Fox finally understanding the religious diversity of America and embarking on a Reformation? I'm thinking that if we see a Muslim imam, the next stop will be Armegeddon!