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Michele Bachmann Flubs Her Jewish Cred By Mispronouncing “Chutzpah”

Reported by Ellen - July 14, 2011 -

Michele Bachmann made her third prime time appearance on Fox News this week with no questions about her husband’s counseling center advocating prayer as a means of converting from gay to straight. Although Fox News is endlessly preoccupied with President Obama’s religion, it has shown little to no interest in Bachmann’s. Also ignored? Her husband’s controversial comments comparing homosexuals to “barbarians” who “need to be educated, need to be disciplined.” But a generally friendly interview on On The Record last night (7/13/11) – mostly a recitation by Bachmann of right-wing talking points about President Obama’s “scare tactics” on the debt ceiling – took a somewhat entertaining turn when Bachmann – presumably trying to soften her fundie Christian image – tried and failed to use the word "chutzpah."

Instead of strutting her multicultural cred, Bachmann made a fool out of herself to every Jew and probably everyone who’s ever known a Jew when she said President Obama “has a lot of ch-utzpah” and pronounced the “ch” the way it is in “church” instead of as in “challah.”

Bachmann’s “chutzpah” happens at about 1:35 in the second video below.

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