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Martha MacCallum Promotes More Anti "Ground Zero Mosque" Propaganda

Reported by Priscilla - July 14, 2011 -

As part of the Murdoch/Pam Geller generated "controversy," Fox "News" provided a steady loop of biased coverage related to the so called "Ground Zero" mosque. It seemed that not a day would go by without Fox validating the complaints of those who were opposed to the mosque especially the right wing, anti-Obama, anti-mosque arguably Islamophobic Debra Burlingame. Brian Kilmeade directed viewers to petitions set up by several of his anti-mosque guests including the "hardhat" who had an online pledge (the right wing sure love those pledges) which was a way for those who might be working on or in the proposed site to declare that they would refuse to do so. Recently, a NY State Supreme Court Judge dismissed a lawsuit by a former NY City firefighter who sought to overturn a decision by the NY City Landmark Preservation Commission to deny landmark status for the old Burlington Coat factory building in which the Islamic cultural center is to be built. Not surprisingly Fox is on it. Today, on Fox Nation, the headline reads "Ground Zero Mosque Wins in Court." (no quotes around "ground zero"). Today's "America's Newsroom," an official Fox "news" show, provided a nice, comfy space for firefighter and Martha MacCallum to continue to push the anti-mosque propaganda. Meanwhile, NY GOP Congressman Peter King (who got lots of Fox air time during the so called mosque "controversy") is calling for an investigation into the possible phone hacking of 9-11 victims. Oh well, Fox "news" does have its priorities.

MacCallum began by claiming that the court decision has "divided" NY City. As shots of crazed, xenophobic anti-mosque demonstrators was played, she said that the mosque "has the green light" to proceed with construction. Naturally she didn't use the more appropriate term for the project which is Islamic cultural center of which mosque is only a small part. The chyrons throughout the piece also used the word "mosque." She described the project as "hugely controversial." (Thank you Fox News, NY Post, and Pam Geller). She warmly welcomed Tim Brown who is with 9-11 Families for a Safe and Strong America - the 9-11 victims group that is featured frequently on Fox. Debra Burlingame is involved with this group which was launched by the eugenics defending hate group, Federation for Immigration Reform which also gets pride of place on Fox News. It provides links to right wing media and Islamophobic hate sites.

MacCallum described Brown's appeal based on 9-11 debris that fell on the building. He said that the decision was only on Brown's standing, not whether the landmark process was flawed. He said he will appeal. MacCallum framed the message when she told Brown that the case was based on his belief that the decision to build the center "blocked his ability to commemorate the event." Naturally, he agreed and said that the claim that this isn't part of "ground zero" is "disingenuous" and the green light for the project is "hurtful." MacCallum worked in some anti Imam Rauf agitprop with her comment that "he's back in the picture, right now, right?" Naturally, Brown proceeded to trash him by accusing him of "spreading lies" MacCallum noted that Fox fave Jay Sekulow, from the ACLJ and who is working with Brown, says that the mosque won't be build. (The ACLJ is a 501 (C) (3). Isn't it special that they're working to deny a religious group the right to build a place of worship!) Brown said that there will be continued pressure and lawsuits. He claimed that 9-11 families will lie in front of bulldozers in order to stop the contruction.

Martha then did some partisan pontificating: "I just want to say Tim brown and a small group of other like him are fighting to make sure that this 10th anniversary is respected and the grounds all around this area have the kind of sanctity that they deserve and it's been an uphill battle for you folks." She referenced how the memorial doesn't have proper titles as one of many "issues that surround the importance of this place and you're gonna hear so much more of this come the 10th anniversary of this" (Oh, lots more Debra Burlingame?) After he agreed, MacCallum asked where people could go to support you guys. He provided the website for his group and "Liberty Rocks." (Which appears to be an Islamophobic site.) He thanked her for her support. She thanked him for his "undying commitment to those who were lost."

Comment: This is a "fair & balance" "news" show? Actively promoting groups opposed to the building of an Islamic cultural center is "real journalism?" Give-me-a-break!


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