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Martha MacCallum & Monica Crowley Heart Michele Bachmann

Reported by Priscilla - July 14, 2011 -

Despite it's designation as an official Fox "news" show, "America Live" peddles as much overt propaganda as Fox's "opinion" shows. And now that Ms. Kelly is on maternity leave (Shouldn't the teabaggers be trying to get rid of this socialist policy?), her sub is continuing in the tradition of blonde Fox propaganda peddlers.Yesterday, in keeping with Andrea Tantaro's and Gretchen Carlson's hissy fits about Congressman Keith Ellison's comments about how Michele Bachmann's policies would hurt women, blonde propagandist Martha MacCallum continued to support Michele Bachmann against this evil liberal. The ever partisan Martha MacCallum and Monica Crowley were just oh, so upset about how conservative women are treated (never mind Fox's Sean Hannity's attack on Hillary Clinton via "the Clinton chapters" and the vile things said about Nancy Pelosi by guys like Glenn Beck) they presented Ms. Bachmann as worthy of sainthood Once again the wise words of Jon Stewart, regarding how Fox News specializes in conservative victimhood come to mind. It's ironic, Ellison was chastised for saying that Bachmann wants women to be pregnant and in the kitchen. Fox's Brian Kilmeade once asked Gretchen Carlson "didn't men give you the kitchen?" Once again, the word hypocrisy comes to mind.

After showing a video of Ellison MacCallum said that some conservatives are offended "by strong, powerful women" and that he's suggesting that Bachmann wants women to be barefoot and pregnant. MacCallum referenced Bachmann's educational and breeding record. She didn't mention that Bachmann said that women should be submisive to their husbands and that she went to law school only with permission of her husband. MacCallum said that "if she isn't a strong and powerful woman, I don't know who is." Crowley responded that Bachmann is a "hugely accomplished woman as was Sarah Palin." She just couldn't understand where Ellison is coming from except to say that Ellison is "a far left guy" and that liberals see women like Bachmann and as "an existential threat." She praised conservative women as living their lives according to conservative principals of being pro-life, pro-gun while seeking to make American policy based on those principals. Of course, they are also anti-gay but that's just, as SE Cupp said, on MSNBC, in relation to Bachmann's husbands pray away the gay therapy, a "deeply held religious belief." MacCallum shouted that Democrats once spoke to the needs of these women and now that they're losing these women, that is threatening. (Trust me Martha, reality based women won't be voting for Bachmann!) Crowley claimed that without the gender gap, which has advantaged Democrats, Democrats know that they have to "come out against Michelle Bachmann and other conservative women. (Awww) The whine fest continued. Crowley said that "they will go after anything and everything to take down conservative women in order to try to undermine them and destroy their credibility before they can gain this type of traction with women voters". They gushed over how good Sarah Palin looked on the cover of Newsweek. (Palin, who once castigated Newsweek as "sexist," posed for the pic) MacCallum was effusive in her thantks to Crowley.

OK - so liberals are trying to undermine Bachmann. Lets look at some facts that news woman Martha MacCallum and the rest of Fox "News' seems to be avoiding. As noted by the Christian Science Monitor:

"A hidden-camera report on ABC’s “Nightline” on Marcus Bachmann, the candidate’s husband, that showed his Christian counseling center had engaged in the controversial practice of trying to convert gay people into becoming straight. Mr. Bachmann had said in the past that his treatment centers do not engage in that practice. Both Bachmanns have not addressed the ABC report.

A report in the Los Angeles Times that found the Bachmann counseling business had received $30,000 over five years from the state of Minnesota, money that comes partly from the federal government. Also, the report said, a family farm in Wisconsin had received $260,000 in federal farm subsidies. The congresswoman, a tea party favorite, advocates reduced federal spending.

A report by the news site MinnPost, a member of the Investigative News Network, that found six letters Bachmann had written to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood seeking federal stimulus money for projects in Minnesota. This, after Bachmann had opposed the Obama administration’s $830 billion stimulus package in 2009."

And while she's not part of the "God hates fags" Westboro church, she did address a group that's proud to be a homophobic "hate group," The Minnesota Family Council. Bachmann has also endorsed the radical anti-choice Ohio "heartbeat bill" - a bill, based on anti-choice "science" that would ban abortions after about a month into the pregnancy. A bill, like all anti-choice bills, that hurt women. Ellison is right. Her radical anti-choice position, which seeks to criminalize abortions, does show that she wants women to be pregnant which wouldn't be a problem for MacCallum and Crowley as wealthy women (like the Catholic women in the parish where I grew up) were always able to take care of a problem pregnancy. Meanwhile, poor women will die in back alleys. Palin voted for defuning Planned Parenthood which means that women will lose access to contraception and abortion. Yeah, she wants women pregnant. And she voted against an act codifying equal pay for women. But for MacCallum and Fox "News," it's all good. Praise Jesus and Fox News for "strong, conservative women!"


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