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Hannity's Lapdog Interview With Kasich Emblematic Of What's Wrong With Fox News

Reported by Ellen - July 13, 2011 -

Sean Hannity "interviewed" Ohio governor John Kasich last night (7/12/11) in a segment that perfectly illustrated the coziness of Fox News and the GOP. Kasich is a former Fox News host and the two joked about how chummy they are. Hannity, for his part, spent the segment slobbering over Kasich's record in office. Yet somehow, Kasich's plummeting poll numbers never came up. I guess Hannity didn't want to cause Kasich the kind of discomfort Mika Brezinzski did when she brought up his approval ratings in an MSNBC interview. Watching this interview, it would be easy to think that Kasich is an unqualified success as a governor and never know that his constituents have a drastically different view. It's one thing to have a conservative opinion show. It's another to distort reality.

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