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On "America Live" - Be Scared Of Government Health Care Cost Cutters

Reported by Priscilla - July 12, 2011 -

During the lead up to the passage of health care reform, in an effort to foment resistance to said reform, the GOP right wing promoted the meme that heartless bureaucrats would be making decisions about offing those deemed not worthy to live. Hence, the "death panel" was born. As the mouthpiece for the right wing, Fox News aided and abetted this meme at that time. They continued to advance the fearmongering during the shameless Fox media circus involving a Canadian hospital's recommendation that a terminally ill child be taken off life support. During Fox's coverage, medical misinformer, Dr. Mark Siegel was brought in to compare what was happening in Canada to the types of "death panels" that "Obamacare" will mandate. Siegel is still beating the drum, albeit a bit less stridently. However, as demonstrated on Bill Hemmer's "America Live," the health care reform fear factor card is still being played on Fox. Those grim reapers, disguised as government bureaucrats, could still be lurking and if they don't send you to the pearly gates, they'll "ration" your health care.

Official Fox "news" propagandist, Bill Hemmer, reported that there will be congressional hearing regarding health care cost cutting. Hemmer framed the issue immediately when he said that "many charge" that this cost cutting will "ration" health care for millions. (Of course millions don't have health care and those who do get "rationed" by the providers but whatever...). Siegel then stepped in to advance the propaganda. He whined about bureaucrats on the Medicare Advisory panel who stop doctors from using everything in their power to treat patients and who set guidelines that are impractical. This, according to Siegel, will lead to rationing. Hemmer continue to "frame" - "you're saying that this is rationing." Siegel said that it "is a specific kind of rationing." He said that health care insurers limit what he can do but this represents evil government types telling him what he can and can't do based on "cherry picked" studies. He added that once Medicare decides not to cover a service then the private insurers won't. (Aww, and Siegel won't get paid for stiff that might not be necessary). Hemmer did the classic Fox "reach around" (interviewer rephrases guests question that the guest then agrees with) in order to advance the agitprop: "What you're saying is that you're the doctor, I'm the patient and it's no longer you and me together, I've got a middleman in front of me." Siegel said that we already have that with private insurers and medicare but there will be lots more people in the way and that "interferes with the art of medicine."

Bill smiled as provided the name of these evil big government tools: "It's called the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Sounds a little scary, doesn't it." Siegel said "it's big brother" (Oh, like requiring women to watch sonograms before they have an abortion?) He said that he "didn't mean to scare people" (I call bullshit on that one!) "but we need less of this." He disparaged the government's intent to save money because somebody might get sick if a test is cut and claimed that "there is no evidence that this saves money." He said that this policy should be removed from the law.

Comment: Fox "News" at its finest. Are ya scared yet?

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