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No Fox News Outrage Re Alleged Bribe For 9-11 Victims' Phone Records?

Reported by Priscilla - July 12, 2011 -

During the Rupert Murdoch media/Pam Geller generated "controversy" surrounding the so-called "Ground Zero" mosque, Fox News became the protector of 9-11 families who, according to the coverage on Fox News, were unilaterally opposed to the construction of the NY Islamic cultural center. In reality, there was no unanimity; but that didn't stop Fox from providing lots of air time for the right wing, anti-mosque Debra Burlingame from conveying the impression that all 9-11 families were deeply troubled by the proposed construction. Flash forward a year. Reports have surfaced that Rupert Murdoch's British media have been involved in attempting to secure information about all sorts of people via all sorts of legally and ethically questionable activities which include the hacking of phones belonging to a murdered girl and families of fallen British soldiers. The human dimension of this scandal would seem to be grist for the types of stories that Fox News loves; but, interestingly, it has been rather muted. Yesterday, another report surfaced, regarding the "News of the World" and 9-11 families. You'd think that Fox would be all over this affront to a group that heretofore has had pride of place on Fox News. So far, not so much.

It has been reported that Murdoch's "News of the World" offered a NY City police officer money to retrieve private phone records of 9-11 victims. The messages would have included phone calls made to and from 9-11 victims during their final moments of life. Can you imagine the howls from Fox News if this type of allegation were connected to a liberal media outlet? If the NY Times were accused of violating the privacy of 9-11 victims, there would be ongoing protest from Fox which would, again, provide air time for Burlingame to express her indignation. There would be calls for congressional investigations. Fox Nation would declare said media outlet guilty of treason. But so far, there doesn't seem to be much outrage from Fox News regarding those families whom they once revered and whose sentiments were reverentially invoked during many Fox News segments. Where is the patriotism upon which "America's Newsroom" prides itself? Are 9-11 families used only to promote a right wing meme? It's a complex world!

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