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Keith Olbermann: I was blackmailed by Murdoch

Reported by Ellen - July 12, 2011 -

I suspect Keith Olbermann was being somewhat hyperbolic when he said on Countdown last night (7/11/11) that he was blackmailed by Rupert Murdoch. But “blackmail” was the word Olbermann used and without a qualifier.

At the end of a discussion about the News Corporation phone hacking scandals, Olbermann announced he’d have a special commentary for Tuesday’s show. He said he’d discuss, “Why decent people work or worked there and how Murdoch used blackmail to control his employees and keep whistleblowers quiet. Employees like me. I was blackmailed.”

The rest of the discussion in this rather lengthy video is definitely worth watching. First, author Michael Wolff explained why he thinks the only way out of the scandal is for Rupert Murdoch to step aside. Then, John Dean discussed parallels to Watergate.

Video via MoxNews.com.

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