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Mike Huckabee Lets Steve Crowder Whine About Jon Stewart's "Leftist" Bias

Reported by Priscilla - July 11, 2011 -

John Stewart nailed it when he said that "conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished." A classic example of these words of wisdom is the platform being given, by Fox "News," to right wing joker (whoops "comedian") Steven Crowder so that he can whine and whine and whine about having been turned down by the evil, librul Daily Show which is representative of evil, librul Hollywood which is also the nemesis of another right wing joker, Andrew Breitbart. In February, Crowder appeared on Fox & Friends to whine about how the evil, librul mainstream media, especially the NY Times, dissed CPAC where he had been the "MC." Recently, Crowder (whom conservative Debbie Schlussel says "pulls facts out of his butt") returned to his early morning, right wing friends in order to whine about how Jon Stewart is such a "bully" because the Daily Show rejected Crowder's request to appear on the program as they don't book conservative pundits. And while Crowder's website has an unattributed description of him as “FoxNews’ brightest, funniest young Conservative mind," "pundit" is hardly the word to describe him. Since his rejection from the Daily Show, Crowder's manger quit because he was allegedly hassled by a Daily Show producer for releasing the offending e-mail. Crowder got to play the conservative victim on Saturday night's Huckabee show where he continued to complain about Jon Stewart and Hollywood liberals. Once upon a time, right wingers got to blacklist Hollywood liberals. Now all they can do is whine about it on the "news" network which specializes in "conservative victimization."

Huckabee introduced Crowder as a comedian who says that his political views blacklisted him from the Daily Show because Crowder "exposed" the Daily Show's policy towards conservatives, "it cost him a manager." The whine fest began. Crowder complained that "Hollywood systematically shuts down voices of dissent." (It's a free market with no obligation to be "fair & balanced," Steven) He asked,"How does an entire industry of people lean almost completely to one side of the spectrum and follow lockstep?" (Oh, the irony. How does a supposedly "fair & balanced" supposed "news" network lean to the right and follow lockstep with every talking point emitted from the dark bodily orifices of the right wing!) Crowder claimed that this is political partisanship "by design" (Like Fox?) and said that Jon Stewart and Viacom were part of this conspiracy. After Huckabee mentioned that he and several other conservatives have been on the Daily Show, he asked Crowder what caused the manager to quit. Crowder claimed that the Daily Show was upset that e-mail was released because "there is an unwritten rule that you don't' do that and an unwritten rule that you don't work in this industry." He claimed that the e-mail said that the criteria for his rejection was "based not on ability but on point of view."

The whine fest continued. Crowder said that Daily Show staff and writers are "unabashedly liberal" and he has "yet to see one that is boldly conservative" which "would lead critics to believe that it's policy at the Daily show." Huck then framed the agitprop for the segment "you think it's a bigger picture. You say, for conservatives it's hard to break into the entertainment business." The whine fest continued. Crowder said "It's not about Jon Stewart being biased...water is wet and Pelois has had work done." (He got a big laugh on that comment which, if said about Sarah Palin by Bill Maher, would be considered an grievous sexist insult). "If that were the case, Jon Stewart would claim comedic immunity which he always does. The problem is when someone is not honest about their agenda as a comedian." (Like Fox claiming it's "fair & balanced?") "The problem is when Stewart protects the leftist agenda of the day." According to Crowder, "it's much more than comedy being informed by world view. The show is used as a pulpit to propagandize that role and comedy takes a back seat to it and that's dishonest." (Like how Fox is a pulpit for propaganda and real news takes a back seat?)

He said that what he and the conservative community want from Jon Stewart are "small things such as admitting that they have an agenda" (When is Fox going to do that?) and using the Daily Show to "forward it." He then joked that Stewart should thank him, Brietbart, and Ben (Shapiro?) for allowing him to "come out of the closet and own who he truly is and that is a partisan, leftist activist."

Comment: Well boo, freaking, hoo. If Fox were "fair & balanced," they might allow the Daily Show to defend themselves on air. They might even interview Crowder's supposedly hassled manager. But Crowder shouldn't worry. As stated on his website, he's "a mainstay in the worlds of television, comedy and writing" who is "a true rebel of the entertainment industry" pleasing "audiences with his no-holds-barred style of comedy and poignant social commentary across the globe." That ensures him an ongoing gig on that news network that, unlike the Daily Show, considers itself "real journalism, fair & balanced."

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