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Fox & Friends Newest Lie: ACORN Getting Federal Funds

Reported by Priscilla - July 10, 2011 -

The group ACORN was loathed by the GOP right. Because it consisted of and advocated for minority groups, particularly voter registration, it represented the "scary, black man." As ACORN also organized for President Obama, the "scary, black man"-in-chief, they were frequently accused of "voter fraud" - an allegation not substantiated by the facts. As such, it was targeted by video slime merchant James O'Keefe, whose sting videos took pride of place on Fox News. He and his videos, which might have broken state laws, were subsequently discredited and ACORN was exonerated of any wrong doing. After having been defunded by Congress, it subsequently filed for bankruptcy, but right wingers fear that those scary dark people are still lurking out there. Thus, a right wing rumor, thanks to the right wing Scaife funded site Judicial Watch, has surfaced which claims that ACORN members are getting secret monies from a DOJ grant to the Afforadable Housing Centers of America. It's not true but who cares when that "scary, black man" card can be dealt from the deck of right wing propaganda. Not surprisingly, Fox News, the mouthpiece for the right wing, has picked up on this newest lie. Not suprisingly, Fox & Friends, "the morning happy-talk show that Ailes uses as one of his primary vehicles to inject his venom into the media bloodstream" is promoting it on his morning propaganda machine that still works on week-ends.

Earlier this week, happy propagandists Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and the arguably racist Eric Bolling pushed the propaganda. Fox's big propaganda chyron, "ACORN Rakes in the Cash, Continues to Government Aid from HUD." Steve Doocy referenced "the hidden camera that showed a lot of shady stuff going on." (It might have "showed" it; but it didn't prove it because the video was edited). Doocy lied when he said that despite ACORN having been defunded, "It has been discovered that they are getting dough." Gretchen Carlson twisted the truth when she referred to ACORN having been involved with "a lot of corruption." She then showed a graphic of what she claimed as the check that went to ACORN for $79, 819. She said that the group wich received the check is an "offshoot" of ACORN "so that's how they can disguise it." The chyron stated as fact something that isn't: "Funding Ban Violated, ACORN Still Gets Aid , Despite Being Stripped." Eric Bolling (the good Jesuit fathers at Loyola Academy must be so proud of him) said that ACORN was defunded because of "several scandals" which included voter fraud. That's an untruth because there was no "voter fraud" committed by ACORN; but that is a meme which is promoted on Fox. An agitated Doocy mentioned that the GAO said that the organizations are separate "even thought it's the same people in the same placed now getting the same kind of money."

Yesterday, on the week-end Fox & Friends, the propaganda continued with right wing John Fund, editor of the uber right wing American Spectator, joining Dave Briggs and Molly Line - another blonde, female, Fox propaganda purveyor, albeit a bit more "posh" Fox "spice" than another weekender Ainsely Earhard. ("Baby spice?") The chyron continued the lie: Hidden HUD Money, ACORN Still Receiving Tax Funds from Offshoot." She reported that ACORN, "get this," was getting money. She showed the same "check" that Carlson did. As Fund was introduced, the chyron: ACORN Rakes in the Cash, Continues to Get Government Aid from HUD." Briggs read the AHCOA statement that claims that the groups are separate. Fund said that AHCOA has the same tax ID as an old ACORN group. The chyron: "They're Back, Scandal Ridden Group Still Gets Fed Dollars." Line seemed excited when she talked about how Judicial Watch is making the allegations and "pulling the ties together." The chyron stated as fact "Funding Ban Violated , ACORN Still Gets Aid Despite Being Stripped." Fund accused former ACORN members of "doing political agitation and indoctrination" (Oh, the irony!) because they advise public housing residents about their rights. He reminded viewers that Obama trained ACORN which "clearly hasn't been defunded." Asked to reconcile the difference between the GAO statement and his allegations, he provided the scripted message in recommending a congressional hearing. Again he said that this is the old ACORN program even though Congress has said ACORN is discredited. Nobody mentioned that the GAO exonerated ACORN.

Comment: Those scary minorities who advocate for their rights are back. Are ya sceered, yet!

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