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Fox News Contributor Hates The Term “Middle Class”

Reported by Guest Blogger - July 9, 2011 -

Co-authored by Brian and Ellen

On Your World yesterday (7/8/11), Charles Payne and Jehmu Greene spoke about President Obama wanting to spend more on infrastructure. As Greene forcefully argued that Republicans are ignoring the middle class, Payne announced he hates the term. He said, “I look at America as, not as even a class or caste system. I look at it as a place where people can move up and down the chain of success depending on how hard they work.” In other words, in Payne’s mind, if you’re not making lots of money, you’re not working hard. I wonder how many working poor families he knows. Oh, and check out how the Fox News producers completely sandbagged Greene by interrupting her comments with what they thought was a contradictory poll result and a “Fox News alert” kind of sound.

Guest host Chris Cotter acknowledged the need for more infrastructure spending, but said the stimulus "Didn't work the first time. Will it work this time around? …It didn't get the job done. Will another round do it?"

"It did get the job done," Greene said.

"Our roads are still crumbling," Cotter said.

Greene stuck to her guns. “We had over a million construction workers that lost their job in the biggest recession we've seen in generations. But if we had not had that stimulus, we would've fallen off a cliff." She said infrastructure spending has "incredible bipartisan support."

That’s when Fox News producers decided it was time to step in and undercut her. As she spoke, a graphic of poll results, showing that a plurality of respondents thought the stimulus made no difference, filled the screen. For further sandbagging, a “swoosh” noise was made while Greene was still speaking.

Payne said, "Spain went on this incredible economic expansion. They built 1200 miles of highways. They've got the largest high-speed rail network in all of Europe. They've got 43 international airports… about 30 of them are empty." He said Spain had an unemployment rate of "twenty percent."

Greene asked, "Why isn't Congress acting right now? …I find it amazing, though, that we have the opportunities; and instead of just continuing the fight of saying no to this administration. Saying no to the Americans, the 8 million jobs that were lost not because of President Obama, but he's taking responsibility by saying we have to take these steps."

"I don't know if anybody's taking responsibility," Cotter said.

"He's clearly taking responsibility,” Greene answered. “…Two point two million jobs in the last 16 months, that’s pretty impressive given where we were… I find it amazing that in the Republican Presidential debate that happened a few weeks ago, the words middle class weren't even mentioned. There were no programs put on the table to increase jobs."

That’s when Payne revealed his you’re-only-poor-if-you’re-lazy outlook."I personally hate the term (middle class),” he said. “I look at America as, not as even a class or caste system. I look at it as a place where people can move up and down the chain of success depending on how hard they work. And I think that’s what’s missing.”

According to FactCheck.org, the stimulus saved 1.4 to 3.3 million jobs. But don’t expect a Fox News graphic about that to interrupt Payne or Cotter any time soon.

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