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Fox News Civil War: Geraldo “Owes” Bernie Goldberg “A Bloody Nose” Over Casey Anthony Verdict

Reported by Ellen - July 9, 2011 -

You may recall that Bernard Goldberg took a shot at Geraldo Rivera the other night on The O’Reilly Factor over the Casey Anthony verdict. Goldberg thought Anthony should have been found guilty, Rivera has adamantly argued otherwise on the show. Goldberg opined Rivera would have had a different opinion if it had been a trial of a “militia man in Arizona... accused of killing a Hispanic immigrant.” Last night (7/8/11), Rivera visited The Factor and didn’t just take exception to Goldberg’s words but said, “I owe him a bloody nose. I am serious.”

Specifically, Goldberg said about Rivera:

I wonder if Geraldo and others who think like Geraldo would be so open-minded if, let’s say, a militia man in Arizona was accused of killing a Hispanic immigrant and the evidence was similar to this case – a mountain of circumstantial evidence. Do you think Geraldo Rivera would go on the air and talk to you the way he did? …I don’t think he would speculate that maybe (someone other than Casey Anthony) did it, maybe (Anthony’s) crazy, maybe this, maybe that. This is ridiculous. If the man from Mars came down and he heard the evidence in this case, he’d say, "Well, of course she’s guilty.”

Last night, it was Rivera’s turn on The Factor. He called it “disgusting” that anyone should accuse him of being callous to the death of little Caylee Anthony because he found the prosecution case “thin.” Then he took aim at Goldberg:

For that snarky Bernie Goldberg to come on your program and to suggest that my view of the prosecution case would be different if the victim was a Mexican immigrant was a lying, low blow with heavy racial overtones and I owe him a bloody nose. I am serious.

O’Reilly who has a dubious record on race, himself, insisted Goldberg did not mean it in a racial way. I’m with Geraldo on this one. But you can decide for yourself.

Will there be another chapter when Goldberg returns for his weekly visit with O’Reilly next week? Stay tuned.

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