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Yin & Yang - Dream Act Coverage On Fox & Friends vs. Fox News Latino

Reported by Priscilla - July 8, 2011 -

As I reported on an earlier thread, Fox & Friends recently had a discussion about the Dream Act. While Ainsley Earhardt previewed her upcoming interview as "fair & balanced," it really wasn't; but what else is new for Fox News?! Her presentation of the issue was based on the attendance, at Democratic Senator Dick Durbin's Dream Act congressional hearing, of undocumented immigrants - or, as both Ainsley Earhardt and Dan Stein, President of the SPLC Designated Hate Group Federation for Immigration Reform, called them "illegal aliens" with an emphasis on the word "illegal." The term was used frequently by Mr. Stein and Ms. Earhardt who does seem to epitomize the quintessential Fox *"bubble headed bleach blonde with a gleam in her eye." You get the message. Meanwhile Fox News Latino, which uses the term "undocumented immgrant" as opposed to Fox News' usage of "illegal aliens," had a very different take. Given that both Fox TV and Fox News Latino are part of the same parent company, the cognitive dissonance couldn't have been more striking.

While the Fox & Friends piece was typical Fox nativist propaganda, Fox News Latino had a "real" piece of journalism in its unbiased account of one of the "illegal alien" attendees whose presence at the hearing, according to Dan Stein, was a slap in the face to the Americans who obey the law. He described these people as having "no real political attachment to this country." Now if Ainsley Earhardt were as "fair & balanced" as she claims to be, she could have, as did Fox News Latino, described the Dream Act. She didn't. She also could have mentioned one of the attendees, Angelica Hernández who was commended by Senator Durbin. Sen. Durbin told those at the hearing about Ms Hernández: "She was "brought here from Mexico when she was 9 years old, in high school she served in the Junior ROTC and was president of the National Honors Society. This spring she graduated from Arizona State University as the outstanding senior in the mechanical engineering department."

Fox Latino even has video of an interview of Ms. Hernández by a reporter from - are ya ready for it - an Arizona Fox TV station. As noted by Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, many of the attendees were valedictorians, PhD's, and soldiers serving in our military. But according to hate group President, Dan Stein, these are faceless people who are breaking the law. But if Earhardt has bothered to mention this admirable young woman, she could have put a face on the Dream ACT. Nah, that would have cut into the Fox "News" propaganda about those evil "illegal aliens."

Wonder if we'll see Ms. Hernández appearing on Fox & Friends. Nah, it would cut into the Fox "News' propaganda about those evil "illegal aliens." But I guess if Fox "News" has one perspective and Fox Latino has another, that makes them "fair & balanced." So it's all good...

*From Don Henley's song, "Dirty Laundry" which was the theme movie for Robert Greenwald's "Outfoxed" documentary about Fox News. This movie provided the genesis for News Hounds.