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In Attacking California’s LGBT Educational Initiative Fox And Friends Compares The Gay To Albinos And Polygamists

Reported by Aunty Em - July 8, 2011 -

One wonders what the Fox and Friends have against comprehensive education. The Fox “News” Happy Talk Propaganda Program™ has done many stories attacking educational initiatives, going all the way back to their “Trouble With Textbooks” series. Today, and not for the first time, they went after a California bill that would include LGBT history in textbooks. With its penchant for alliteration it’s surprising F&F didn’t call the segment “Homos In History.” And, just like the earlierTrouble With Textbooks” segments, they once again brought on Larry Schweikart to sell the misinformation.

The propaganda begins with the first chyron: CONTROVERSIAL CURRICULUM – CA MAY MANDATE GAY HISTORY IN CLASSROOM over B-roll of what appears to be angry LGBT protestors. As Eric Bolling—substituting for Brian Kilmeade (because to say he was substituting for Gretchen Carlson, also missing this morning, would be gender-bending)—began his introduction of Schweikart the chyron changed to LANDMARK LEGISLATION – CA POISED TO PASS 1ST GAY EDUCATION BILL. If you’re keeping track at home that’s two separate slanted chyrons in the first 15 seconds. Take a look and, as you read along, make note of all the stammering. Either neither one is comfortable with the subject matter, or they simply haven’t memorized the script:

Video courtesy Media Matters

EB: Okay, so first of all, tell us, uhh, exactly where this stands in California law right now.

LS: It’s awaiting signature from, from the governor. And, um, tsk [yes, the tsk is right there, along with a side-to-side shake of his head signifying his disapproval] you know California is one of the leading textbook providers in the country—not as big as it was. Texas now, I think, is in, uhh, first place but this could be very significant if it goes through because it’s going to affect textbooks everywhere.

EB: [Bolling clearly isn’t listening because Schweikart has already answered the next scripted question. When he realizes that, EB is forced to change tack in mid-stream] And, tell us exactly how it’s going to affect ‘em, umm, tell us what the bill proposes.

LS: Well, you have to, uhh, give, umm, treatment of significant accomplishments of, uh, gays and, and lesbians, yannow, in various historical settings. This is a continuation of the kind of political correctness that we talked about a couple of years ago on, uhh, Fox and Friends, when we did our Trouble With Textbooks segment. And basically, what it is going to require is that you gave certain number of lines, literally, certain number of words dedicated to Gays and Lesbians at all points in history, as you now do in the textbooks with Blacks, with Hispanics. Umm, I’m sure the National Association of Albinos and the, uhh, uhh, uhh, umm, Association for Polygamists are waiting out there to get in line to have their say and start making sure that they get acknowledged too.


EB: Alright, umm, uh, eh, heh, yannow, it is a little different, though. I mean, I, I understand, uhh, the African-Americans, uhh—It’s—I think it even goes as far as, uhh, South Pacific people, right, have to be represented. But this is different, right? This is a sexual orientation. Shouldn’t that be left to parents?

LS: It, eh, exactly. I mean, not only does it offend religious values of a number of Americans, uhh, but it’s irrelevant, yannow. What we in history have to be concerned with is significance. Why is something significant? How does it affect the largest number of people over time? And who Ulysses Grant slept with on, yannow, the night before a major battle is irrelevant unless it caused him to win or lose the battle.

For the record: The Googalizer has no mention of whom Grant slept with before his battles. However, the National Association of Albinos can be found here, while no listing can be found for the Association for Polygamists.