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Hannity And Bozell Hypocritically Whine About Those Meanie Liberals In The Media

Reported by Ellen - July 8, 2011 -

Could there be anything more hypocritical than watching conservative attack dog Sean Hannity and his right-wing yes-man Brent Bozell whining about meanie liberal rhetoric against conservatives? I’m all for civility in the media but it’s not just laughable for these two widdle victims to ignore the awful hate mongering that goes on right there on Fox News – but it’s an insult to think that viewers won’t remember what has been said right there on Hannity’s own show, by Hannity himself! Either that, or Fox News viewers are so keyed up about playing the victim card (as Hannity takes it all the way to the bank and his mansion in Long Island), that they don’t care.

It’s laughable for anyone on Fox News to be complaining about media bias to begin with, of course, but especially for Hannity. But I’m surprised violin-playing didn’t erupt as he went on to talk about how the “Obama-mania media” was “up to its same old tricks.”

First, Hannity whined that Chris Matthews compared the GOP to terrorists in that they are holding the budget talks hostage. I guess there’s a world of difference between that and regularly suggesting Democrats are traitors, as Hannity repeatedly has.

As Bozell whined that “character assassination is acceptable now to be used against conservatives,” Hannity complained, “It’s just beyond the pale and it happens more and more. Nobody seems to be outraged. If we said similar things, we know what the result would be.”

Yes, we certainly do. Nothing.

Not even counting Hannity promoting the thoroughly debunked birtherism conspiracy-theories to suggest President Obama might not be American, how about Hannity's blatant approval when his own guest said Obama "has an alarming history of helping terrorists?" Or his warm welcome for David Limbaugh who has said, "I'm saying (Obama) has no respect for the Constitution. It's a means to an end for him… He has no respect for the law."

But Bozell either has amnesia or he never watches Fox. Because that kind of hate mongering is a staple there. He said, “You have to be civil when dealing with liberals but you can say anything you want to against conservatives and it’s OK.” Or did he just mean that only hate mongering in the so-called “liberal media” counts?

Hannity probably didn’t care. “Great point,” he said. “Civility only works in one direction. The president can smear Republicans as much as he wants and he lectures everybody on civility and this is why we do this segment. Because the media, for years, got away with it.”

So speaking of civility, how about Hannity’s complete and utter lack of it when he bullied and badgered progressive economist Robert Kuttner shortly before the 2008 election?

Feel free to write Hannity@Foxnews.com and remind him.

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