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Your World Sneers At Notion Of “Shared Sacrifice” By The Wealthy

Reported by Guest Blogger - July 7, 2011 -

By Brian

On Your World yesterday (7/6/11) it was hard to tell the difference between host Chris Cotter (substituting for Neil Cavuto) and guest, RNC chairperson Reince Priebus. Each had identical views on the “unfairness” of asking wealthier Americans to pay more in taxes as part of the debt negotiations. Cotter set the tone in his opening when he said, "I got to hand it to the Democrats. They've done a great job selling this false notion of fair share to the American people, haven’t they?"

Priebus said, "Shared sacrifice, higher taxes. It’s just another indication again that the folks in Washington… instead of owning up to the responsibility that I think he (Sen. Harry Reid) and others have in D.C. to roll up their sleeves up and tackle the problems that Americans are most concerned with, which is SPENDING… Everyone understands this… Shared sacrifice, I mean, give me a break." He said President Obama is "driving our country in a ditch, or as you can see in our ad at GOP.com shows, off the cliff."

Cotter chuckled. He showed the ad and asked Priebus to “tell me about the new ad.”

Priebus continued, "He's (President Obama) done nothing about the deficit other than to propose the biggest structural deficit in the history of our country. He's given us government-run health care that people don't want... This President doesn't get it and is bankrupting America."

President Obama has a budget. You can see it at www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget.

But Cotter somehow “forgot.” He said, "To me, ‘fair share’ sounds like a flat tax. Everybody's paying a fair share of their income, the same exact percentage… The wealthiest Americans are paying all the taxes in this country. That doesn't sound that they need to pay more, a greater share to make it fair."

Priebus, of course, agreed. "Our problem right now is not taxing more."

Comment: A flat tax is fair? The wealthy are paying all the taxes? Ask anyone who isn't rich, and they'll show you their tax bill. According to TaxPolicy.org, the top rate is 35%. It was much higher even in the 1980's at 50%; in the 70's from 1964-80, in the 90's from 1944-63. Now that's fair.

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