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On Fox & Friends: Herman Cain Gets Credit For Attacking "Time" Constitution Article He Didn't "Entirely" Read

Reported by Priscilla - July 7, 2011 -

Along with the NY Times, today's rabid right wing doesn't like Time Magazine which they see as part of the evil, librul empire. Several weeks ago, Time had an interesting article about the relevance of the Constitution vis-à-vis societal changes and how those on different sides of the political spectrum have different views of the Constitution. It was immediately attacked by the right wing who claimed that the article was part of the left's agenda to advance evil, librul and unconstitutional "big government." The article was the subject for the cover illustration of a Constitution going through a shredder. That this was obviously a metaphor for what was in the article was lost in the minds of those who saw the article as yet another attack on a document that has taken on almost cult like significance for those who festoon themselves in teabags. Suffice to say, the article wasn't a promotion of anything; but that didn't prevent Fox from framing it as a "controversy." Last Saturday, the Fox & Friends crew worked in their Time trashing during an interview with a Texas student who fought for her right to praise Jesus at the school graduation. During another part of the program, they interviewed GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. The Fox management Time trashing meme of the morning was obvious as it appears that the gang was told to work in a scripted question about the article in order to advance the right wing propaganda about Time Magazine and their hidden leftist agenda while providing an opportunity for a slam on President Obama and a shout-out to those who "brung" Mr. Cain to the presidential dance.

Clayton Morris asked Cain to "weigh in" on the cover of Time Magazine - Note: not the article but the imagery. As he spoke, the chyron was a classic example of how Fox presents a short chyron message that doesn't tell the whole story: "Questioning the Constitution, Time Magazine's Take On Historic Document." (The article was not a statement from "Time" but an article written by Richard Stengel, who is managing editor of Time and who has yet to appear on "fair & balanced" Fox "News" to defend his article. Morris mentioned that they had, on the day before, spoken to Newt Gingrich about the cover "which shows the Constitution going through a shredder." Morris said he was surprised at Gingrich's response that "it was a thought provoking piece." (Not everybody is as stupid as Fox News thinks they are!) He asked if Cain had read the piece and if so, what his thoughts were about this "imagery" on this July 4th weekend. (Once again, the substantive issue should be the article - not the visual. But then literacy is just so danged elite!) Cain said that he didn't read the "entire piece" (Five short pages) "but" - are ya ready for it - "I don't like the piece because it is an attack on the foundation of this nation."

He continued that "we are a nation of laws" which, according to Cain, stem from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and "if we believe that the Constitution is some moving document that an administration wants to ignore, then we are in trouble." He opined that "government was not intended to make up the rules as they go along which is what this administration is trying to do." (Uh, if we didn't have that pesky 14th Amendment, Mr. Cain might be engaged in the cotton industry, if you know what I'm saying...) While he spoke the chyron pressed the agitprop: "Shredded Constitution Cover, Time Magazine Asks: Does it Still Matter?" Naturally, his little speech was uninterrupted by the "friends." The chyron perpetuated the bogus Fox "controversy:" "Controversial Cover Story, Time Asks Does The Constitution Still Matter."He said that "Time Magazine, by spreading "that inaccurate and false message," is trying to help those who want to make up rules. He added that we don't need to "rewrite" or "shred" the Constitution. Despite his not reading the entire Time article, he stressed that we need to "reread" the Constitution as well as "live by" and "enforce it." Briggs provided the requisite Fox "News" validation and affirmation of a GOP candidate: "That sounds like an important message on this fourth of July weekend." He said that "some might argue" that without the Constitution, Time couldn't write the article or "splash that image" across the cover. He wrapped it up in a tidy bow: "That was a good message I think you hit on right there, on this Fourth of July."

Comment: If the gang at Fox got past the picture, they would see that the article is merely an analysis and not the kind of propaganda that they push on a daily basis. But can you believe Herman Cain pontificating on an article that he didn't entirely read - just after Jon Stewart mocked Cain's proposal to make legislation no more than three pages - a proposal that, according to Stewart's punch line, shows that Cain doesn't "like to read." Life imitates art?

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