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On Fox & Friends: Right Wing Partisan Attacks NY Times As Anti-Catholic

Reported by Priscilla - July 6, 2011 -

The right wing sees the NY Times as a perpetrator of evil librul bias. Not surprisingly, their mouthpiece, Fox "News," promotes the same meme. While the bile directed against the NY Times comes mainly from Bill O'Reilly and, in a more subtle manner, from Jon Scott of Fox News Watch, it recently migrated over to Fox & Friends. In yet another example of Jon Stewart's quote about how "conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished" and yet another example of Fox's persecuted Christian meme, Fox & Friends' Clayton Morris hosted, last Friday, a true blue right winger to criticize the NY Times as "the ideological tool of the left" and as anti-Catholic - a sentiment held by Fox fave, the rabidly homophobic Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, and NY Catholic Bishop Dolan whose tight Roman collar has graced the Fox studios on several occasions. In yet another example of how Fox & Friends is Fox's morning jolt of right wing propaganda, Jed Babbin was the only guest. In yet another example of how the "fair & balanced" part of the Fox logo doesn't apply to Fox & Friends, Babbin's commentary was unrebutted by the Fox host who, in yet another example of Fox propaganda and lies, proffered an allegation unsubstantiated by facts and a classic Cavuto marked chyron: "Is the Times pushing to reelect Obama?"

On Friday (July 1st) Jed Babbin whined about the NY Times. Babbin's right wing creds are sterling. He is a former Undersecretary of Defense under Bush I. He has guest hosted on Rush Limbaugh's show and co-hosted with Mark Levin. He hates the mainstream media. So there's some real objectivity here. (Just kidding!) Morris was able to segue into the pity party by referencing how the NY Times was recruiting people to review Sarah Palin's e-mails. Babbin blithered about the left wing ideology of the NY Times' editors and publisher. He then - are ya ready for it - claimed that the NY Times "picked a fight with Bishop Dolan." As he didn't provide any specifics about this allegation, I'm assuming that this relates to how the Times didn't publish a op-ed written by Dolan. But who knows - the unfounded allegation was put out there and will eventually become dogma. From this point, Babbin went through a litany of points from his article, in the uber right wing "American Spectator," about the "deep seated bigotry of the NY Times towards the Catholic Church."

After accusing Maureen Dowd of "bashing" the Catholic Church (Dowd is an "opinion" columnist who skewers what she (and many others) perceive as the misogyny and homophobia in the Catholic Church), Morris provided yet another example of a scripted question meant to elicit more propaganda: "Here's Timothy Dolan, take a look at this, says, 'The common casual way that the New York Times offends Catholic sensitivity is something they would never think of doing – rightly so – to the Jewish, Black, Islamic or gay communities'.” Dolan's comment does dovetail nicely with the right wing victimhood meme that Christians are targetted while these other suspect groups get special treatment. Babbin obliged by citing how the NY Times refused to publish the anti-Mohammed Danish cartoons.

He mentioned how the times snubbed Dolan's op-ed and covered the topics brayed about, on Fox, by Bill Donohue and Fox's Father Jonathan Morris; i.e. the way the NT Times covers plays and art exhibits. Backstory - Dolan didn't like the play, "Divine Sisters," which was a spoof of Catholic education using motifs from old movies about Catholic schools. Don't tell anybody but it got a good review from, OMG, Murdoch's NY Post. Regarding the art exhibit - Dolan wasn't happy that the NY Times gave a good review to an art exhibit that featured posters from the Act-Up's AIDS activist period. One of the posters featured a Catholic bishop next to a condom with the subtitle, "Know your assholes." The poster's sentiment reflected Bishop O'Connor's opposition to condom distribution. Morris concluded by referring the audience to Babbin's article.

Comment: The format and topics are just so predictable. Don't these right wingers ever get tired of whining about how they're mistreated by evil libruls. The beat goes on, the beat goes on. Fox keeps pounding rhythm to the brain...